16 Fun and Creative Nail Designs to Try

Creative nail designs are definitely trendy and in fashion right now! Lots of ladies are ditching their plain nail polish colors for more eye catching and unique designs. These days, flashy and fun nail art designs almost seem more common than the traditional swatch of solid color on the fingertips.

There are so many fun nail art designs to try too! You can use any color combinations that you like, and there are lots of nail art designs that are actually quite easy to create on your own. All it takes is a little practice to create some truly unique and creative nail designs!

Looking for ideas for your own creative nail designs? Check out these super cute works of nail art for some awesome inspiration!

1. White and Blue Nail Design

This creative white and blue outline nail design is creative and a little funky. The S-shaped designs almost come together to make a heart shape!

creative nail designsImage Source

2. Splatter Watercolor Nails

Fun and creative nail designs with a splatter design look subtle and cute in muted shades, almost like a watercolor painting.

creative nail designsImage Source

3. Artistic Squares Nail Art

Who knew something as simple as some squares could make such awesome and creative nail designs?

creative nail designsImage Source

4. Artsy Rings Nail Design

A series of interlocking and overlapping rings also makes for some fun, artsy, and creative nail designs.

creative nail designsImage Source

5. Colorful Geometric Nail Art

This bright and colorful geometric nail art pattern is definitely eye catching!

creative nail designsImage Source

6. Unique Butterfly Nail Design

If you’re looking for creative nail designs with butterflies, here’s an awesome idea to try!

creative nail designsImage Source

7. Blue Dandelion Nails

Gray and blue aren’t your typical colors for dandelion nail art, but the combination seems to work well here.

creative nail designsImage Source

8. Cute Cupcake Nails

Adorable little cupcake nails are certainly some cute nail designs that you’ll get complimented on!

creative nail designsImage Source

9. Color Burst Nail Art

Brightly colored funky designs really pop on these black nails!

creative nail designsImage Source

10. Peach Stripes and Polka Dot Nails

This peach, black, and white nail design really squashes that idea that you can’t mix stripes and polka dots!

creative nail designsImage Source

11. Matte Black and Red Nails

Not only is this an overall awesome red and black nail design, but the mix of matte and gloss polish really gives it a unique and creative look!

creative nail designsImage Source

12. Purple Micro Bead Nail Art

Micro beads are a simple way to create some unique and creative nail designs!

creative nail designsImage Source

13. Creative Flower Nail Art

Acrylic craft paint is also an easy way to create creative nail designs, like these simple and stunning flower nails, since it’s easier to work with.

creative nail designsImage Source

14. Colorful Polka Dot Nails

A shimmery pearl white base color makes these cute and colorful polka dot nails even sweeter!

creative nail designsImage Source

15. Nail Art Pen Design

Nail art pens make painting creative nail designs super easy!

creative nail designsImage Source

16. Purple and Yellow Nails

Contrasting colors, like purple and yellow, are a great start for some creative nail designs!

creative nail designsImage Source

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