15 Ravishing Rhinestone Nail Art Designs

Rhinestones are one of the easiest ways to create stunning nail art designs. Fingertips gleaming with rhinestone nail art are regal and feminine—just what a lady needs when she wants to pamper herself!

Although rhinestone nails have a salon look, they don’t have to come with a salon price. Lots of rhinestone nail art designs are easy enough to try at home. To create these sparkling designs, all that’s needed are some nail art rhinestones and a little nail glue or clear nail polish to hold the gems in place. Nail art rhinestones can be set in all different patterns to create different designs, from simple to complicated.

Long story short, nail art rhinestones are a fabulous and easy way to really jazz up your nails! If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own rhinestone nail art, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some of the most stunning and gorgeous rhinestone nail designs for you!

1. Rhinestone French Tips

Rhinestones give a classic French manicure a luxurious look, even when placed in a simple design.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

2. Striped Rhinestone Nails

A rhinestone stripe running down each nail not only adds some gorgeous sparkle, but it can also help create the illusion of extra length.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

3. Lacy Rhinestone Nail Art

Pair nail art rhinestones with a pretty lace nail design for a soft, feminine look.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

4. Gold Rhinestone Nail Art

Groups of sparkling rhinestones beautifully compliment a shimmery gold nail polish.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

5. Glitter and Rhinestone Nails

But, not much pairs as well with rhinestone nail art that a sparkling chunky glitter polish!

rhinestone nail artImage Source

6. Red Rhinestone Heart Nails

Red rhinestones add a much needed pop of color as well as a fun design to these silver tipped nails.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

7. Large Rhinestone Nail Art

Large rhinestones on nails can make a beautiful statement, especially when surrounded by smaller jewels.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

8. Pink Rhinestone Covered Nails

For lots of sparkle and bling, rhinestones can also be used to cover entire nails; keep the look from being too overpowering with some simpler rhinestone accent nails.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

9. Diagonal Tip Rhinestone Nail Art

Large nail art rhinestones make diagonal nail art into a work of art!

rhinestone nail artImage Source

10. Black Tip Rhinestone Nail Art

Transforming simple black nail tips into spectacular nail art is as simple as adding some perfectly placed rhinestones.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

11. Rhinestone Nail Art Flowers

Nail art flowers are also super simple to create with a few rhinestones!

rhinestone nail artImage Source

12. Fishnet Rainbow Rhinestone Nail Art

Fishnet nails are pretty in their own right, but multi-colored rhinestones can really take them to the next level!

rhinestone nail artImage Source

13. Rhinestone Zebra Print Nails

Add some rhinestones to your wild zebra print nail art for a little extra sparkle.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

14. Rock Star Rhinestone Nail Art

There’s a lot happening in this rock star manicure, and it’s all gorgeous!

rhinestone nail artImage Source

15. Almond Shaped Rhinestone Accent Nail

Rhinestone nail art can look especially alluring on almond shaped nails, even if they’re just on one or two accent nails.

rhinestone nail artImage Source

After you finish your rhinestone nail art, don’t forget to add a clear top coat. A layer of top coat can help keep the rhinestones in place and prevent them from becoming scuffed and damaged. After all, you wouldn’t want all of your hard work to get ruined.

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