15 Luxurious Dark Purple Nail Art Designs

A deep dark purple nail polish is the perfect color for fall! Jewel tones like dark purple fit perfectly when the days start to turn chilly and blustery.

For those ladies not content with plain dark purple nails, dark purple nail art is a great way to add a little fun to your nails! There are lots of dark purple nail art designs to choose from, picking just one is usually the hardest part.

Dark purple nail art can be created with all different shades of dark purple, from plum to eggplant. Different types of nail polish can also be used to create different types of nail art. Glitter, gloss, metallic, and matte dark purple nail polish, for instance, can all create different gorgeous effects.

If you need a little inspiration for your own dark purple nail art, take a look at these awesome nail art designs!

1. White and Wispy Dark Purple Nail Art

Glittery dark purple wisps stand out against a stark white background, and compliment the dark purple nails beautifully!

dark purple nail artImage Source

2. Gold Studded Dark Purple Nail Art

Gold studs give nude and dark purple nail art an edgy rock star look!

dark purple nail artImage Source

3. Dark Purple and Gold Swirl Nail Art

Shimmery gold swirls on dark purple nails are stunning and make perfect party nails!

dark purple nail artImage Source

4. Starry Dark Purple Nails

For a night out on the town, how about some cute stars on your dark purple nails?

dark purple nail artImage Source

5. Dark Purple and Black Checkerboard Nails

Purple checkerboard nail art is just right for a casual and fun game night in.

dark purple nail artImage Source

6. Speckled Dark Purple Nail Art

You’re sure to get a few compliments on your dark purple nail art with an interesting speckled design like this.

dark purple nail artImage Source

7. Dark Purple Glitter Nails

This deep purple glitter nail art is glamorous, and the silver glitter accent nails really add a rich look.

dark purple nail artImage Source

8. Purple and Gold V-shaped Half Moon Design

The gold glitter v-shape on the half moon of these nails adds some amazing sparkle to these deep purple nails!

dark purple nail artImage Source

9. Purple Glitter Diagonal Tip Nails

Diagonal tip manicures are gorgeous variations of traditional French tips, and a dark purple glitter polish is a perfect example of this!

dark purple nail artImage Source

10. Chunky Purple Glitter Gradient Manicure

Dark purple over black makes a super sultry and sparkly dark purple nail art design!

dark purple nail artImage Source

11. Purple and Gold Glitter Gradient Manicure

A gold glitter gradient over dark purple nails is a subtle, pretty design.

dark purple nail artImage Source

12. Matte Purple and Black Outlined Nails

Outlined nails are a hot nail art trend right now, and this plum and black matte nail design makes it even more fashionable!

dark purple nail artImage Source

13. Purple Nails With Gold Tips

Gold tips add a little luxury to some dark purple nails.

dark purple nail artImage Source

14. Diagonal Black and Dark Purple Nail Art

Another black and dark purple nail art design that’s easy to create yet simply beautiful!

dark purple nail artImage Source

15. Dark Purple Animal Print Nails

A stamped animal print design on dark purple nails makes for a fun and wild nail art design!

dark purple nail artImage Source

Dark purple nail art doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. All you need are some simple nail art tools to create stunning designs like these. With a little patience and a steady hand, you can have some stunning dark purple nails!

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