15 Insane Colorful Nail Art Designs to Try

Colorful nail art is a fun way to really perk up your fingertips! A splash of color is sometimes really all you need for a little pick me up.

When it comes to colorful nail art, the more colors, the better! All of the colors of the rainbow can go into some colorful nail art, and every color in between. To really pack a punch, you can also use neon colors for your nail art! A glitter top coat can also add some nice sparkle!

If you’re looking for ideas for your own colorful nail art, take a look at these awesome colorful nail art designs!

1. Spiral Tie-Dye Nails

If you’re on the hunt for some colorful nail art, you really can’t go wrong with these awesome tie-dye nails!

colorful nail artImage Source

2. Colorful Buggy Mani

Colorful nail tips work wonderfully with a few cute bug and flower designs for a perfect and perky summer manicure!

colorful nail artImage Source

3. Colorful Diagonal Stripe Mani

Wide diagonal stripes in different hues of the same color make an interesting colorful nail art design, and the glitter stripes add a nice touch!

colorful nail artImage Source

4. Rainbow Nail Art

A bold rainbow in a starburst pattern is a gorgeous and fun colorful nail art design!

colorful nail artImage Source

5. Decorative Colorful Nail Art

Here’s a funky and colorful nail art design with nail studs.

colorful nail artImage Source

6. Watercolor Dots Nail Art

Dots of colorful sheer nail polish blend together beautifully for a nice watercolor effect.

colorful nail artImage Source

7. Neon Abstract Nail Art

An abstract nail design looks pretty awesome in bright neon colors!

colorful nail artImage Source

8. Colorful Splatter Nails

If you’re looking for a trendy and artistic colorful nail art design, these splatter nails might be just perfect!

colorful nail artImage Source

9. Neon Leopard Print Nails

Take a walk on the wild side with some bright and flashy leopard print nails!

colorful nail artImage Source

10. Colorful Tiger Stripe Nails

If leopard print isn’t your thing, simple black tiger stripes can also make for some wonderfully wild and colorful nail art over a rainbow background!

colorful nail artImage Source

11. Funky Colorful Nail Art

Try a funky modern art inspired nail art design to get your color fix.

colorful nail artImage Source

12. Fun and Colorful Nail Art

This colorful nail art design looks super fun, doesn’t it?

colorful nail artImage Source

13. Bright Palm Tree Nails

For a beach inspired colorful manicure, all you need are some cute and simple palm trees!

colorful nail artImage Source

14. Studded Colorful Nail Art

Colorful nail studs really pop on these brightly painted nails!

colorful nail artImage Source

15. Ombre heart Nails

These ombre heart nails are pretty awesome and definitely colorful!

colorful nail artImage Source

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