15 Fun and Funky Nail Designs

Funky nail designs are a nice break from the typical, and somewhat boring, plain nail colors and French tips. They allow you to add a little funky aspect to your style without going over the top. Or, thy can be the perfect complement to a funky outfit.

Even novice nail artists can pull off some funky nail designs. These designs don’t have to be complicated or difficult to create. They can be as creative and unusual as you want. Need a little inspiration? Check out these awesome funky nail designs for some ideas!

1. Bright Tie Dye Nails

Tie dye nails are some super fun and funky nail designs!

creative nail designsImage Source

2. Speckled Rock Star Nails

It’s no surprise that some rock star nails make for some funky nail designs, and these speckled nails are no exception!

creative nail designsImage Source

3. Turquoise and Yellow Nails

Here’s an awesome creative little nail design with contrasting turquoise and yellow nail polish.

creative nail designsImage Source

4. Cute Bow Nail Design

These bow nails are definitely cute and creative, perfect for someone looking for adorably funky nail designs!

creative nail designsImage Source

5. Rings Nail Art Design

Smaller polka dots on top of larger polka dots can make a fun ring nail art design, which looks pretty awesome on these gray and white striped nails.

creative nail designsImage Source

6. Swirl and Stars Nail Art

Bright green polish in a crazy swirl pattern paired with little black stars makes this a super funky nail design!

creative nail designsImage Source

7. Splatter French Tips

Splattered nail polish makes an artsy and creative variation for ladies looking for different French tips!

creative nail designsImage Source

8. Purple Hologram V-Shaped Nails

Purple hologram polish is sparkly and fun in this V-shaped nail design!

creative nail designsImage Source

9. Gradient Jeweled Nail Design

Big jewels can always jazz up your tips for some funky nail designs, and the green and yellow gradient just adds a little something extra in this manicure.

creative nail designsImage Source

10. Tetris Nail Art Design

Old school gamers can appreciate bright and fun Tetris blocks decorating the fingertips!

creative nail designsImage Source

11. Punctuation Nail Art Design

For all of the grammar nerds out there, this punctuation nail art is fun, creative, and a little trendy!

creative nail designsImage Source

12. Utility Pole Nail Art

If you’re looking for some truly unique and funky nail designs, you really can’t got wrong with some utility lines painted against a light blue sky.

creative nail designsImage Source

13. Barcode Nail Art

Vertical black stripes of varying width and numbers can be used to create some interesting barcode nail art on white nails!

creative nail designsImage Source

14. Geode Nail Designs

These funky nail designs look a little like geodes decorating the nails!

creative nail designsImage Source

15. Binary Code Nail Art

For the computer geeks among us, stamped binary code makes for an awesome and funky nail art design!

creative nail designsImage Source

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