15 Fruity Kiwi Nails

Kiwi nails are fun nail art designs to sport during the summer months. Or, if you’re so inclined, at any other time of the year, but, kiwi fruit just have a tropical warm feel to them, making them better suited for warm weather. I’m thinking kiwi nails would be perfect for backyard BBQ’s , a day at the beach or pool, or just a casual day hanging out with friends.

Some gorgeous kiwi nail art might looks like it takes forever to compete, but you might be surprised. Many designs are really very easy. Most women can create their own kiwi nails with the right colors of nail polish and a couple simple nail art tools, like a dotting tool and thin nail brush.

Before you get started on your own kiwi nail art, you probably want a little inspiration to go on. You could always look at a piece of sliced kiwi fruit for inspiration, but aren’t these kiwi nail art ideas just so much cuter?

1. Quick and Easy Kiwi Nail Tutorial

These cute kiwi nails are super easy to create, and they look gorgeous!

kiwi nailsImage Source

2. Sliced Kiwi Nails

This kiwi nail art looks just like a piece of sliced kiwi fruit!

kiwi nailsImage Source

3. Kiwi Nail Art on Long Nails

Ladies with long nails can sport some kiwi nail art as well.

kiwi nailsImage Source

4. Kiwi Accent Nails

Don’t want to paint kiwis on all of your nails? Try one or two accent nails with kiwi nail art instead. It’s quicker and easier, but just as cute!

kiwi nails 4Image Source

5. Kiwi Nail Tips

Or, instead of full kiwi nails, try a little kiwin nail art on just the tips of the nails.

kiwi nailsImage Source

6. Simple Kiwi Nail Tips

These super simple kiwi nail tips are proof that pretty much anyone can try kiwi nails!

kiwi nailsImage Source

7. Acrylic Kiwi Nail Tips

Kiwi nails are a fun change from your regular acrylic French manicure!

kiwi nailsImage Source

8. Simple Kiwi Half Moon Mani

Half moon manis are hot right now, and this simple and cute kiwi nail art is a fun way to put a unique spin on a trendy design.

kiwi nailsImage Source

9. Half Moon Kiwi Nails

The half moon is painted with a little less precision in this mani for a sightly more realistic look.

kiwi nails 9Image Source

10. Fun Kiwi Nail Tip Design

Don’t you just love the creative spin on the tips of these kiwi nails?

kiwi nailsImage Source

11. Simple Half Circle Kiwi Nails

White half circles and polka dots in this kiwi manicure are simple to paint, but they make an awesome kiwi nail art design!

kiwi nails 11Image Source

12. Embellished Kiwi Nails

Kiwi fimo cane slices and a green rhinestone really jazz up these cute green kiwi nails!

kiwi nailsImage Source

13. Easy Green and White Kiwi Nail Art

Highlight your kiwi nail art with a white background.

kiwi nailsImage Source

14. Water Marble Kiwi Nails

A water marble technique is a creative way to make kiwi nail art!

kiwi nailsImage Source

Fruit Salad Nail Art

Use all sorts of fruit nail art to create some fun summer fruit salad nails!

kiwi nailsImage Source

Your kiwi nail art is sure to be eye catching this season! After you paint your nails, don’t be surprised if you get tons of compliments on your gorgeous fruity nails! Remember that some complex nail art designs take a little practice, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get your kiwi nails just right the first time. Just keep practicing, and you’ll be able to fine tune your nail art skills in no time!

Did you love these kiwi nails? You might also love a few other fruit nail art designs, including these 10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Cherry Nail Designs, 13 Outrageous Orange Fun and Fruity Nail Designs, and 15 Watermelon Nail Designs for Summer!

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