16 Sweet Cherry Nail Art Designs

Cherry nail art is a fun and cute nail art design to try! Cherry nails are also pretty simple to create, so they’re a good choice for just about anyone who wants to paint nails in a fun design, from novices to experts. To create cherries on the nails, use a dotting tool to create the fruit with red nail polish. Add some green stems with a thin nail brush. A tiny dab of white can also be used to create a reflection on the cherries.

Cherry nail art can be placed on several different background colors. White is a classic color and can really make the red cherries pop. However, black can also be used for a darker look. Pastels, like blue and pink can also make for some sweet and feminine cherry nail art.

To get some ideas for your own cherry nails, take a look at some of these awesome cherry nail art designs!

1. White Cherry Nails

The white background on these cherry nails really noticeable.

cherry nail artImage Source

2. Lots of Cherries Nails Art

Lots of cherries make a gorgeous addition to basic white nails!

cherry nail artImage Source

3. Red Polka Dot Cherry Nail Art

Add some cherry nail art to red and white polka dot nails for a fun fruity twist!

cherry nail artImage Source

4. Striped Cherry Nails

Striped tips give cherry nails a little something extra.

cherry nail artImage Source

5. Bow and Cherry Nail Art

Bows on the tips of the nails and cherry nail art is a fun twist on a classic French manicure.

cherry nail artImage Source

6. Big Cherry Nail Art

Paint some big cherries on a couple of nails for a big bold statement!

cherry nail artImage Source

7. Red Tipped Polka Dot Cherry Nails

Another fruity twist on a French manicure is this red tipped manicure with white polka dots and a little pair of cherries.

cherry nail artImage Source

8. Matching Cherry Nails and Toe Nails

Matching toenails and fingernails are super cute with French tips and big cherry nail art!

cherry nail artImage Source

9. Cherry Nail Art on Natural Nails

Cherry nail art goes well on natural nails too!

cherry nail artImage Source

10. Light Pink Polka Dot Cherry Nails

A small cherry nail art accent adds a sweet and interesting element to these pretty pink polka dot nails!

cherry nail artImage Source

11. Dark Pink Cherry Nails

A dark pink nail polish also makes a pretty background for cherry nails.

cherry nail artImage Source

12. Cherry Explosion on Pink Nails

A plethora of cherries really jazzes up some classic pink nails.

cherry nail artImage Source

13. Blue Cherry Nail Design

A light blue base color looks amazing with cherry nail art!

cherry nail artImage Source

14. Plaid Tipped Cherry Nail Art

Classic French tips look oh so cute with a black plaid design and a couple of cute little cherries!

cherry nail artImage Source

15. Black Cherry Nail Design

Use a black nail polish for a darker cherry nail art design.

cherry nail artImage Source

16. Black and Red Glitter 3D Cherry Nails

A red glitter polish and some 3D nail art makes for some fabulous cherry nail art!

cherry nail artImage Source

Weren’t these cherry nails just adorable? They would make great fruity nail designs for summer, or all year round for that matter. Since cherries are red and green, they might also make some cute Christmas nails!

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