11 Funky and Sweet Heartbeat Nail Design Ideas

Cute heart nails aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! You can make a feminine heart design on your nails any tie of year! If you’re looking to mix it up a little and try something a little different, you can even try a heartbeat nail design.

Heartbeat nail designs are unique and interesting. Although many still have a heart design incorporated into them, they aren’t completely girly. The jagged line design found on heartbeat nails is a little edgy and funky. Although you can use the traditional colors for love—red or pink—other colors can look amazing on heartbeat nails too!

For heartbeat nail design ideas of all different colors, keep scrolling! We’ve rounded up some great examples that we’re sure you’ll love!

1. White and Red Heartbeat Nail Design

A white background on this heartbeat nail design makes the red lines and heart unmistakable.

heartbeat nail designImage Source

2. Silver and Red Heartbeat Nails With Decals

Decals can be used to easily create a heartbeat nail design. Perfect or those with less than stellar artistic skills…

heartbeat nail designImage Source

3. Nude Heartbeat Nail Design

A nude polish makes a great base for a heartbeat nail design, and the red heart on the accent nail really pop!

heartbeat nail designImage Source

4. Embellished Heartbeat Nails

Add a fun embellishment to your heartbeat nail design with a cute black bow.

heartbeat nail designImage Source

5. Red and Black Heartbeat Nails

Use a deep red polish and a black polish for a subtle and dramatic heartbeat nail design.

heartbeat nail designImage Source

6. Black and Red Heartbeat nail Design

Or reverse the color scheme for these dark black and red heartbeat nails.

heartbeat nail designImage Source

7. Blue and Pink Heartbeat Nail Design

Fill in the heart on our heartbeat nail design with an unexpected color, like this turquoise!

heartbeat nail designImage Source

8. Shimmery Pink and Blank Heartbeat Nails

Shimmery pink nail polish makes a soft and feminine heartbeat nail design.

heartbeat nail designImage Source

9. Simple Teal Heartbeat Nails

A simple white squiggly white line and heart transforms these teal nails into a fun heartbeat nail art design!

heartbeat nail designImage Source

10. Lime Green and Black Heartbeat Nails

Get funky with a black and lime green heartbeat nail art design!

heartbeat nail designImage Source

11. Rainbow Gradient Heartbeat Nail Design

An underlying rainbow gradient makes these some cute and colorful heartbeat nails!

heartbeat nail designImage Source

Remember, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to wear a heartbeat nail design. These nail art designs are funky and versatile enough to be worn every day!

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