13 Examples of Gorgeous Watercolor Nails

Watercolor nails resemble a watercolor painting. With light muted colors and a delicate feel to them, watercolor nails are a perfect nail art design for spring and summer. They’re pretty and feminine, and a fun and easy nail art design to try.

There are actually a few different ways to create watercolor nail art. You can use the plastic wrap method, which involves dotting nail polish onto the nail and pressing a piece of plastic wrap over it to blend the colors. Some nail art enthusiasts also create a watercolor effect on nails by thinning nail polish with acetone and dabbing it onto white nails. Finally, you can also gently dab a bit of nail polish onto your nails with a makeup sponge to create watercolor nails, similar to how you would create gradient nails.

The hardest part about creating watercolor nails of your own is sometimes choosing which colors to use for your nail art design. If you need a little inspiration to get started, check out these beautiful examples of watercolor nail art designs!

1. Pretty Pastel Watercolor Nails

Muted pastel hues are perfect for watercolor nails!

watercolor nailsImage Source

2. Embellished Water Color Nail Art

Watercolor nails can also be dressed up and embellished with charms for a fun and funky 3D look.

watercolor nailsImage Source

3. Blue Watercolor Nails

These blue watercolor nails remind me of a cool summer pool.

watercolor nailsImage Source

4. Purple Watercolor Nails

Use bright purple hues to create a colorful and eye catching watercolor nail art design.

watercolor nailsImage Source

5. Diamond Pattern Watercolor Nails

The diamond pattern on these watercolor nails is subtle, but oh so cute!

watercolor nailsImage Source

6. Orange Watercolor Nails

Using orange for watercolor nails give you a firey nail art design, perfect for a summer cookout or camping trip!

watercolor nailsImage Source

7. Pink Watercolor Nails

Bright pink makes for some sweet watercolor nails with muted shades of blue and orange mixed in.

watercolor nailsImage Source

8. Blue Stripes Watercolor Nails

These blue nails look like they were created by straight strokes of watercolor paint.

watercolor nailsImage Source

9. Glitter Watercolor Nails

Add a glitter topcoat to add a little sparkle to your watercolor nails.

watercolor nailsImage Source

10. Jeweled Watercolor Nail Art

Rhinestones can add a fun and interesting touch to a watercolor nail art design.

watercolor nailsImage Source

11. Colorful Watercolor Nail Design

Bright colors can be used to create a colorful watercolor nail art design!

watercolor nailsImage Source

12. Pink and Blue Watercolor Nails

These pink and blue watercolor nails are perfectly blended for a super cute look!

watercolor nailsImage Source

13. Polka Dot Watercolor Nail Art

Add some cute and simple polka dots for an extra touch to your watercolor nails.

watercolor nails 14Image Source

Don’t be afraid to play with and experiment with different watercolor nail art designs. There’s really no right or wrong way to do watercolor nails, so try out different colors and techniques until you find something that works.

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