14 Vibrant Orange Nail Art Designs for Summer

Orange nail art is rather unexpected sometimes. Orange isn’t usually a color that we see gracing the nails, which makes it that much better, especially if you’re looking or something a little unique!

Most of us probably tend to think of orange nail designs as being reserved for Halloween. If we own orange nail polish, it probably sits on the shelf or in the drawer until October. But, that seems like such a waste doesn’t it? Why leave it alone when orange is such a perfect and vibrant color for summer?

If you’re ready to break out your orange polish for some fun summer designs, take a look at these vibrant nail designs for a little inspiration!

1. Ombre Orange Nails

For some really simple orange nail art, just paint each nail a slightly different shade of orange, going from dark to light.

orange nail artImage Source

2. Orange Flower Nail Art

A dotting tool can be used to create some quick and simple flowery orange nail art, perfect for warm summer days!

orange nail artImage Source

3. Orange Rhinestone French Tips

Add some rhinestones and pretty flowers to a blaze orange French tip nail design to add some sweet girly sparkle!

orange nail artImage Source

4. Pink Glitter and Orange Nail Art

Pink glitter on orange nails makes for an energizing and unexpected nail art design!

orange nail artImage Source

5. Leopard Print Orange Nails

Orange nail art with pink and black leopard print spots is a fun and wild design to try this summer!

orange nail artImage Source

6. Gold Glitter Tipped Orange Nails

Glam up some orange nails with some chunky gold glitter or sequins on the tips.

orange nail artImage Source

7. Green and Orange Splatter Nails

This funky splatter effect can be easily recreated with a dotting tool.

orange nail artImage Source

8. Two Tone Orange Polka Dot Nails

Two shades of orange, one light and one dark, make a phenomenal (and simple) orange nail art design!

orange nail artImage Source

9. Orange Diamond Pattern Nails

Use nail striping tape over white nails to create this awesome diamond pattern nail design!

orange nail artImage Source

10. Yellow and Orange Marbled Nails

Yellow is the perfect complimentary color in this orange water marble nail design!

orange nail artImage Source

11. Blue Orange Slice Nails

Orange slices are a fun and awesome summer nail art design!

orange nail artImage Source

12. Orange and Silver Chevron Nails

A silver accent nail and a chevron accent nail are beautiful additions to these vibrant orange summer nails!

orange nail artImage Source

13. Trendy Negative Space Orange Nails

Negative space nail art is trendy and chic right now, and this peachy shade of orange is just perfect in this design!

orange nail artImage Source

14. Orange and Blue Flower Nail Art

The cute little flowers on the light blue accent nails in this orange mani are great for summer!

orange nail artImage Source

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