14 Spectacular Studded Nail Design Ideas

Nail art studs are a simple way to add some rock star glam to your nails! The metal studs add a fun 3D element to any nail art design. A studded nail design can be used as an accent for another nail design, or it can be the star of the show!

It’s also quite easy to create a studded nail design. You can place the studs in wet nail polish to adhere them to the nail. When the nail polish dries, the studs will be embedded into the design. Some people, though, prefer to use nail glue to adhere studs to the nails. Nail glue can provide a stronger bond, which means the studs are less likely to fall off.

Looking for some super fun studded nail art ideas? Take a look at these studded nail designs for a little inspiration!

1. Turquoise Studded Nails

A pretty turquoise nail color works beautifully with rows of small nail art studs.

studded nail designImage Source

2. Pink Leopard Print Studded Nails

Leopard print nails and a pop of pink make a fun design that’s enhanced nicely with the addition of nail art studs!

studded nail designImage Source

3. Elegant Studded Nail Design

Turn a stamped fancy nail design into an elegant studded nail design!

studded nail designImage Source

4. Nail Art Tape and Studded Nail Design

A simple design with nail art striping tape can be combined with some well placed nail art studs for an awesome little nail design!

studded nail designImage Source

5. Studded Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are stunning and gorgeous, and a couple rows of nail studs on an accent nail make them even more so!

studded nail designImage Source

6. Zippered Nail Stud Design

Small studs can be placed in a zipper pattern for an interesting studded nail design.

studded nail designImage Source

7. Colorful Cross Studded Nail Design

A studded cross makes a fun addition to this cute pink and blue nail art design.

studded nail designImage Source

8. Studded Blue Nail Art Design

This studded nail design works well, with mixed shades of dark and light blue.

studded nail designImage Source

9. Green and Black Studded Nail Design

Nail art studs can also be used to add a decorative accent between two nail colors, as with this simple green and black nail design!

studded nail designImage Source

10. Studded Peach Nail Design

Small round studs accent a simple peach mani for a fun look!

studded nail designImage Source

11. Studded Pink Gradient Manicure

This studded nail design includes a few elements of a gorgeous mani—nail studs, a pink gradient, glitter, and a chevron design.

studded nail designImage Source

12. V-shaped Studded Nail Design

Nail studs take this V-shaped nail design from ordinary to extraordinary!

studded nail designImage Source

13. Studded Outlined Nail Design

Outlined nails are chic and trendy right now, and the addition of some cute round nail studs makes this design even more awesome!

studded nail designImage Source

14. Long Studded Nail Design

If your nails are long enough, you can create a rock star nail design with a couple rows of studs!

studded nail designImage Source

Working with tiny nail studs can be a bit tricky a first, but, as with anything practice makes perfect! Try using small tweezers to arrange your nail studs. The end of a toothpick can also sometimes work well to arrange nail art studs. When you’re finished with your design, you might also want to add a top coat to protect it and add a little extra security to those nail studs.

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