14 Pretty and Feminine Peach Nails

Peach is somewhere between nude and orange, and it isn’t one of the more common colors used in nail art. Peach nails, however, can be very pretty!

Nearly everyone can wear peach, from those with fair complexions to those with darker olive toned complexions. It’s a flattering and feminine color, but it’s not as girly as pink. Peach nail art can be created with a wide range of other colors, but some just look better than others. For instance, give peach nails a try with silver, gold, mint, and light blue. Of course, white and black, the two most popular neutral nail art colors, can also look stunning with peach nails.

There are also lots of great designs you can try on peach nails, from stripes to hearts to gradients. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your peach nails, we’ve put together a little list of some of the most beautiful peach nail art designs that we could find! Take a look for some ideas for your own nail art!

1. Peach Nail Design With Stripes and Hearts

Stripes and heart details on peach nails are super cute and trendy.

peach nailsImage Source

2. Peach Nail Art With Gold Stripes

Matte peach nails are accented with glossy gold stripes.

peach nailsImage Source

3. Glitter Gradient Peach Nail Art

Sponge a glitter gradient on peach nails for some feminine sparkle.

peach nailsImage Source

4. Outlined Peach Nail Art

Peach nails outlined in black are a pretty and sophisticated look.

peach nailsImage Source

5. Peach Nails With Black Bows

Small black bows and white tips on peach nails are pretty and sweet.

peach nailsImage Source

6. Mint and Peach Gradient Nails

Mint and peach gradient nail art is fun, casual, and stylish!

peach nailsImage Source

7. Gold and Peach Leopard Print Nails

Peach and gold aren’t normal colors for leopard print nails, but they work perfectly together in this mani!

peach nailsImage Source

8. Peach Nails With Gold Striped Tips

Gold stripes on the tips of these peach nails make for a bold peach nail art design.

peach nailsImage Source

9. Peach Nail Art With a Heart

A peach heart in the middle of gold glitter polish adds a fun little detail.

peach nailsImage Source

10. White and Peach Nail Design With Stripes

White and peach nails are subtle and pretty, especially with fine details like these narrow stripes.

peach nailsImage Source

11. Blue and Peach Nail Art

Blue and peach nails work well together—subtle, stylish, and sexy.

peach nailsImage Source

12. Gold Outlined Peach Nails

Peach nails outlined in gold glitter polish are stunning, and perfect for formal or casual encounters!

peach nailsImage Source

13. Peach Nails With White Half Moons

Add white half moon designs for modern peach nails.

peach nailsImage Source

14. Silver Glitter and Peach Nails

A sparkly silver polish lends a festive air to these peach nails!

peach nailsImage Source

There are so many different nail art designs that you can create with peach nails! Some are feminine and classic, and others are modern and trendy. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and experiments with different designs and colors for your peach nail art designs!

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