14 Perfect Pastel Yellow Nails for Spring

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to put away those dark polishes and pull out the pastels! Subtle hints of color are the perfect way to ring in spring after a long, dark winter! Pastel yellow nails should be a nice unexpected change from the norm.

Yellow isn’t a nail color that you see often. Some women shy away from yellow nails because they fear that they may be too bright or gaudy. Pastel yellow nail art, however, is a little more subdued than the bright lemon yellow shades. It can be used to create nail art on its own or combined with other subtle shades, like white or other pastels.

Need some ideas for your own pastel yellow nails, check out these awesome ideas!

1. Gradient White and Pastel Yellow Nails

A gradient design works well for a subtle spring design on these white and pastel yellow nails.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

2. Pastel Scalloped Nail Design

Pastel yellow is just one of the soft, subtle colors in this sweet scalloped nail design.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

3. Embellished Yellow Butterfly Nails

Cute butterflies flit about on these embellished nails with pastel yellow tips.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

4. Pastel Plaid Nail Design

Plaid in pastel colors makes an awesome and unique Easter nail art design, and it could even match a pretty Easter dress.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

5. Fancy Yellow Pastel Yellow Nail Tips

An ornate black and white airbrushed design looks phenomenal on a pastel yellow French manicure!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

6. Pastel Yellow Lemon Nail Art

If bright yellow is a bit too bright for your tastes, try creating a design with pastel yellow instead.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

7. Pastel Orange and Yellow Gradient Nails

Light orange and pastel yellow nails make a beautiful and subtle gradient, and the heart shaped rhinestones add a nice little touch.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

8. Yellow Daisy Nails for Spring

White and yellow daisies pop up all over in the spring and summer, and these cute pastel yellow nails are a great way to celebrate some warmer weather!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

9. Pastel Yellow Nails With Rose Accent

A pop of pink roses really perks up some pastel yellow nails!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

10. Polka Dot and Rose Yellow Nails

Here’s another fantastic example of yellow nails with rose accents, this time with white polka dots as well.

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

11. Embellished Pink and Yellow Nails

Pastel pink and yellow make a great combination for spring nails, and the sparkling embellishments are just the icing on the cake!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

12. Pastel and Black Polka Dot Nails

The black background makes these pastel polka dots really pop!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

13. Stamped Black and Yellow Nails

A gorgeous stamped black nail art design stands out beautifully on these pastel yellow nails!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

14. Colorful Puzzle Nails

Puzzle pieces amidst yellow nails make for a fun and unique design!

pastel yellow nailsImage Source

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