14 Nail Art Tape Designs That Anyone Can try

There are lots of easy nail art tutorials out there, and nail art tape tutorials are some of the easiest! Tape can give you a crisp, clean line in your nail art design that most people would never be able to achieve freehand. It’s rather difficult, and almost impossible, to achieve the crisp straight lines without some sort of straight edge like tape.

Nearly any type of tape can be used to create these sorts of designs. Nail art tape is common, but regular painter’s tape, masking tape, or Scotch tape can also be used with fantastic results! To create a design, the nail is usually painted with a base color first, although the natural nail can also be used for negative space nail art. Strips or pieces of tape are than applied to the nail and painted over with another color. The tape is then removed before the nail polish has had a chance to dry.

There are so many designs that can be created with nail art tape! Straight edge designs are most common, but tape can also be cut to create curved lines as well. If you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out these nail art tape manicures!

1. Black and Rainbow Taped Nails

A rainbow design with bright colors makes a fun contrast to black polish in a simple line design.

nail art tapeImage Source

2. Diagonal Stripe Nail Art

This set of diagonal stripes is a great and super simple nail art tape design!

nail art tapeImage Source

3. Black Heart Nail Art Design

You can actually use any color nail polish for this creative and unique heart nail art design, and it would be the perfect design for Valentine’s Day!

nail art tape 3Image Source

4. Diamond Nail Art Pattern

It’s amazing how complicated designs can be easily created with a little nail art tape and some rhinestones!

nail art tapeImage Source

5. Patriotic Chevron Nail Art

Red, white, and blue are the perfect colors for a patriotic nail art design, and this chevron design can easily be created with the help of a little Scotch tape!

nail art tapeImage Source

6. Starburst Nail Art Design

A funky black and silver starburst nail art design looks fabulous on bright pink nails, and nearly anyone can pull off this design with a few pieces of tape!

nail art tapeImage Source

7. Blue Diagonal Nail Art

Simple stripe nail art is easy to accomplish with just a little tape, and diagonal stripes are a great way to mix things up a little!

nail art tapeImage Source

8. Y-shaped Nail Art Design

Here’s a unique and interesting nail art design that you can create with a little tape and nail polish.

nail art tapeImage Source

9. Black and Gold Nail Art Tape Manicure

A sassy black and gold checkerboard manicure is an awesome party look! And, it’s easy to create with a few squares of tape.

nail art tapeImage Source

10. Gradient Heart Manicure

Creating the perfect heart shape on your nails is so easy with a piece of tape!

nail art tapeImage Source

11. Black and Teal Geometric Nail Art

Break out the tape for an easy and gorgeous geometric nail art design!

nail art tapeImage Source

12. Pink and Silver V-shaped Nail Art

Pink, white, and silver look smashing together in this super easy v-shaped nail art design!

nail art tapeImage Source

13. Zig-Zag Taped Nail Art Design

This cool zig-zag pattern can also be recreated with some tape.

nail art tapeImage Source

14. Nail Art Tape Color Block Tutorial

Tape off four squares on each of your nails to make this fun and trendy color block nail art design!

nail art tapeImage Source

For the best results, it’s very important that you wait until each layer of nail polish is completely dry before applying tape over it. Otherwise, the tape will smudge or completely remove the nail polish underneath. More complicated designs can be spread out over a couple of days to ensure that the nail polish is completely dry. This will also give you a slightly different manicure each day.

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