13 Wild Blue Nail Designs

Blue nail designs are a nice change from the typical nude, red, and pink nails. They’re a little edgy and a little unexpected. There are so many shades of blue to choose from too! Light blues, dark blues, and every blue in between can be used for blue nail art. You can combine blue nail polish with other colors, like white and black, to create interesting designs, or you can combine different shades of blue.

Need some ideas for your own blue nail art? These wild and fun blue nail designs should give you lots of great inspiration!

1. Embellished Blue Starburst Nails

A silver starburst design on blue nails gets a little extra flair from blue nail art rhinestones.

blue nail designsImage Source

2. Pink and Blue Corset Nails

A peek of pink makes for some fun and wild blue nail designs when they’re painted up to look like a corset!

blue nail designsImage Source

3. Gradient Blue Nail Designs

From black to blue to white, these nails do it up right!

blue nail designsImage Source

4. Blue Animal Print Nails

A list of wild blue nail designs isn’t quite complete without some blue animal print nails, now is it?

blue nail designsImage Source

5. Pinwheel Blue Nail Tips

If you’re sick of the same boring French manicure design, a blue and white pinwheel design should on the nail tips should shake things up a bit!

blue nail designsImage Source

6. Black and Blue Glitter Stiletto Nails

Feisty stiletto nails look pretty wicked with blue glitter over black polish!

blue nail designsImage Source

7. Marbled Blue Nail Designs

Different hues of blue can be used to create a pretty cool marbled nail design!

blue nail designsImage Source

8. Geometric Blue Nail Art

A glossy geometric pattern lends a hint of wild and crazy fun to these more subdued matte blue nails.

blue nail designsImage Source

9. Blue Galaxy Nails

Shades of dark blue work well to create an out of this word galaxy nail art design!

blue nail designsImage Source

10. Stamped Two Tone Blue Nails

A stamped nail design looks even more amazing when accented with a lighter shade of blue.

blue nail designsImage Source

11. Back and Blue Stamped Nail Art

Here’s another great example of some stamped blue nail designs, this time over black polish.

blue nail designsImage Source

12. Dripping Blue Glitter Nails

Satisfy your glitter craving with an awesome light blue over purple dripping nail design!

blue nail designsImage Source

13. Blue and Gold Needle Drag Nail Design

This eye catching design is so much easier than it looks to create; just drag a needle through still wet polish to blend.

blue nail designsImage Source

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