13 Totally Cute Nail Art Designs to Try

sometimes a girl just needs a cute nail art design! Pretty nail art designs are feminine and a fun way to add a little flair to your style! Anyone can try a cute nail design too, regardless of your art skills. There are lots of easy cute nail art designs to try. Even if you’re not normally a nail art kind of girl, some cute nails can be really fun to wear for a couple of days!

Need a few ideas? Check out these cute nail art designs for some great inspiration!

1. XoXo Nail Art Design

Love, love, LOVE this cute nail art design! It has pink and hearts, so it’s girly, and the glitter accent nail add a nice pop of glam!

cute nail art designImage Source

2. Shades of Pink Nails

Create some super easy cute nail art with nothing more than a few different shades of pink!

cute nail art designImage Source

3. Cartoon Dripping Nails

Dripping nail art is pretty cool, but a few added details make these cartoon dripping nail art extra cute!

cute nail art designImage Source

4. Gradient Star Mani

A pink gradient makes a great base for some cute nail art, and the stars are a nice touch!

cute nail art designImage Source

5. Cute Light Blue Nails

This shade of light blue is gorgeous for nail art! THe various designs on the nails also make for a pretty cute mani.

cute nail art designImage Source

6. Pink Teddy Bear Nail Art

You can’t get much cuter than a pink teddy bear, right?

cute nail art designImage Source

7. Pink Cupcake Nails

Cupcake nail art is absolutely adorable! Mixing it with some simple pink polka dot and stripe designs, though, keeps your mani from looking a little too busy.

cute nail art designImage Source

8. Simple Flower Nail Art

Pretty pink nails with a simple flower and stripes design are easy to paint and even easier to accept compliments on!

cute nail art designImage Source

9. Polka Dot Heart Nail Art

Mix some simple polka dots with a couple pretty pink hearts for some totally cute nail art!

cute nail art designImage Source

10. Adorable Owl Nails

Who wouldn’t love to wear some cute little owls on their fingertips?

cute nail art designImage Source

11. Teal Studded Heart Nails

A beautiful teal polish looks stunning on these nails, and the small heart shaped studs add a sweet little touch!

cute nail art designImage Source

12. Colorful Leopard Print Nails

A bright, colorful leopard print nail art design is always eye catching, fun, and feisty!

cute nail art designImage Source

13. Bow Nail Art Tips

This cute bow nail art look like a wrapped present!

cute nail art designImage Source

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