13 Cute and Colorful Halloween Nails

When you think of Halloween nails, you probably think of black or scary nails, right? Well, if the dark look just isn’t your thing, you still have some great options for colorful Halloween nails!

Orange is an obvious color to use in your colorful Halloween nail art. It’s the color of pumpkins and the color most often associated with this spooky holiday. However, purple has also made its own way as a fun Halloween color in recent years, as has bright green.

If you’re looking for some ideas for cute and colorful Halloween nails, look no further! We’ve found some adorable Halloween nail art designs that aren’t dark and dreary!

1. Orange, Green, and Purple Halloween Nails

For some reason, orange, green, and purple just go great together as Halloween colors. Good thing too, because these colorful Halloween nails are both super pretty and super simple!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

2. Colorful Monster Nail Art

Cute little monster nails are perfect Halloween nails. Bright colors just make this monster mani even more appealing.

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

3. Orange Striped Witch Nails

The color orange and witches go hand in hand with Halloween. Adding some green and purple stripes to the Halloween nails adds a fun pop of color!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

4. Colorful Stitched Halloween Nails

The same purple, green, and orange color combination also makes some seriously cute stitched nails for Halloween!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

5. Colorful Patchwork Nails

Similar to the colorful Halloween nails above, these patchwork nails also use orange, purple, and green. These colorful Halloween nails remind me of a fun loving scarecrow!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

6. Purple and Orange Ombre Glitter Nail Art

A pretty gradient makes some wonderful cute and colorful Halloween nails! Add a fine glitter top coat for some nice sparkle!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

7. Colorful Polka Dot Halloween Nails

Black nails are quiet fitting for Halloween nails, but they don’t have to be dark and drab. Add some colorful polka dots to liven them up a bit!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

8. Candy Corn Halloween Nails

No other candy is associated more with Halloween than candy corn. And, since it;s colorful, candy corn nails are a great option if you’re looking for bright Halloween nails!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

9. Green Frankenstein Halloween Nails

Aren’t these little Frankenstein faces monstrously adorable? And, all you need is some bright green and black polish to create them!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

10. Pink and Green Halloween Nails

Are you more of a pink kind of girl? There’s even room for a little hot pink in colorful Halloween nails!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

11. Colorful Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkins don’t have to be orange, ya know! Have a little fun with your colorful Halloween nails and paint some pumpkins in other bright Halloween colors!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

12. Halloween Water Marble Nails

If you really want to show off your Halloween colors, try a fun water marble nail design!

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

13. Pointy Colorful Halloween Nails

These talons are perfect for Halloween! They’re sharp and pointy, but te bright colors and silver glitter help keep them from looking harsh.

colorful halloween nailsImage Source

Have these fun and cute Halloween nail art ideas changed the way you think of Halloween nails? Now, ditch that black polish and try some of these colorful Halloween nails this year!

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