12 Super Fun Smiley Face Nails

Smiley face nails are a fun a carefree nail art design! This simplistic design is not so simple that it won’t remind you of those casual and carefree days of childhood. Everyone can benefit from some cute smiley face nails from time to time, in my opinion. It’s a nice way to remind yourself not to take things so seriously and to have a little fun every once in a while. Of course, smiley face nail art really isn’t appropriate for a fancy party or business meeting, but it’s great for a casual get together or relaxing date night at home.

As far as difficulty goes, smiley face nails are pretty simple to create. Just paint some simple polka dot eyes on and a cute mouth on bright yellow nails for a classic smiley face nail design. You can also switch things up a bit and get a little crazy with the mouth and expressions, or even use some other bright colors.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own smiley face nails, take a look at these fun nails for some great ideas!

1. Basic Smiley Face Nails

If you’re looking for simple and quick smiley face nails, these ones should do it. Plus, the unfortunate (but cute) little sad face on the ring finger nail serves as an accent nail to break up the monotony a little.

smiley face nailsImage Source

2. Fun Smiley Faces Nails

If you wanna mix it up a little, try these adorable yellow smiley face nails on for a while. Each face is different and oh so cute, in its own way.

smiley face nailsImage Source

3. Different Smiley Face Nails

Here’s another great example of different smiley face designs on each nail. Some of these little faces are accented with white polish to make them stand out a bit more.

smiley face nailsImage Source

4. Rosy Faces Nails

Rosy little cheeks on your smiley face nails really ram up the cute factor!

smiley face nailsImage Source

5. Laughing Smiley Face Nail Art

These smiley face nails certainly look like they’re having one heck of a good time! They also look like a fun nail art design to try for a casual day or night.

smiley face nailsImage Source

6. Detailed Smiley Face Nail Art

A little detail goes quite a long way with smiley face nail art. The eyebrows, eyelashes, and red accents can really add a cute little touch of personality and expression, for instance

smiley face nailsImage Source

7. Multi-nail Smiley Face Art

Spreading your smiley face nail art across multiple nails certainly creates an interesting effect. And, the black glitter nail polish adds a nice touch.

smiley face nailsImage Source

8. Red Polka Dot and Smiley Nails

To break up the yellow smiley nails a little, try pairing them with another main nail color. This red and pink polka dot nail art design, for instance, adds a pretty splash of color.

smiley face nailsImage Source

9. Red and Yellow Smiley Face Nails

A few smiley faces and yellow polka dots can also make a nice addition to bright red nails!

smiley face nailsImage Source

10. Blue Flower Smiley Nail Art

Little white and yellow flowers against a blue background are sweet and feminine. Pair this look with a simple yellow smiley face nail, and you have a perfect flower child nail art design.

smiley face nailsImage Source

11. Neon Smiley Face Nails

Yellow isn’t the only color for smiley face nails. These bright neon colors look smashing with ittle smiley faces, or in this case, all sorts of faces.

smiley face nailsImage Source

12. Emoticon Nail Art

For a nice techy twist on traditional smiley face nails, why not try some emoticon nails? Instead of your typical polka dot and line design, create the faces with simple punctuation marks.

smiley face nailsImage Source

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