12 Star Wars Nails That Are Out of This World

Star Wars has a cult following, even today, almost 40 years after the first movie came out. The films are some of the highest grossing movies of all time, and new Star Wars movies are still being released, spawning new generations of Star Wars fans. Star Wars conventions are help all over the world, with fans dressing up as their favorite characters and generally celebrating all that is Star Wars.

Dressing up as a Wookie, while fun on certain occasions, usually isn’t feasible during most other days of the year. So, Star Wars fans turn to other methods to show their enthusiasm. Female Star Wars fans, for instance, can create some fun and artistic Star Wars nail art!

Star Wars nail art can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It can include everything from the Star Wars logo to tools to characters. If you’re looking for stellar Star Wars nails, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these examples for some awesome inspiration!

1. Galaxy Star Wars Nails

A gorgeous galaxy gradient nail art design makes an excellent background for these Stormtrooer nails!

star wars nailsImage Source

2. Fuzzy Chewbacca Nails

Fuzzy Chewbacca nails are fun Star Wars nail art designs and can easily be created with some flocking powder!

star wars nails 2Image Source

3. Stormtrooper Nail Art

White nails are the perfect setup for some super simple Stormtrooper nails!

star wars nailsImage Source

4. Pink Stormtrooper Nails

For the girlier girls looking for Star Wars nails among us, pink adds a fun pop of color!

star wars nailsImage Source

5. R2D2 Star Wars Nail Art

Who doesn’t love R2D2? And, he makes some super cute Star Wars nail art!

star wars nails 5Image Source

6. R2D2 Accent Nail

Don’t have time time or inclination to paint ten R2D2 Star Wars nails? Try painting an R2D2 accent nail instead.

star wars nailsImage Source

7. Light Saber Nails

The fight between good and evil battles on, even in your nail art!

star wars nailsImage Source

8. Star Wars Themed Nails

Whether you’re hitting a Star Wars convention or just chilling at home with some DVDs, these Star Wars nails are a great way to celebrate The Force!

star wars nailsImage Source

9. Star Wars Character Nails

The gang’s all here on these Star Wars nails!

star wars nailsImage Source

10. Star Wars Nail Art

Five different Star Wars nail art designs pull together nicely in this interstellar mani!

star wars nailsImage Source

11. Simple Star Wars Nail Art

It’s pretty hard to mistake these Star Wars nails for anything else, and the designs are pretty simple!

star wars nailsImage Source

12. Glitter Star Wars Nail Art

Glittery black nail polish adds some much needed sparkle to this adorable Star Wars nail art!

star wars nailsImage Source

Have you got a few ideas for your own Star Wars nail art? It’s time to try out your favorite designs! May the force be with you…

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