12 Quick and Cool Nail Designs

Tired of the same old plain nail polish colors? Try some cool nail designs to break out of your mani rut!

There are so many cool nail designs you can do, and it can be pretty hard to choose just one. You don’t have to be a professional manicurist or artist, though to create your own cool nail designs either. Many of the designs are easy enough to create yourself with no special nail art tools!

Looking for a little inspiration for your own cool nail designs? Check out these nail art manis for some great ideas!

1. Pink and Red Tulip Nail Design

If you’re looking for cool nail designs for spring, try out this cute pink and red tulip nail design!

cool nail designsImage Source

2. Tic Tac Toe Heart Nail Art

A little tic tac toe game on these matte plum nails makes for a fun and adorable nail art design!

cool nail designs 2Image Source

3. Lilac Heart Microbead Nail Art

You can definitely create some pretty cool nail designs with microbeads, and this gorgeous lilac nail art is just one example of that!

cool nail designsImage Source

4. Light Blue and Silver Tipped Nails

Light blue nails with silver tips are super pretty, but the stamped white flowers add some pretty cool nail designs to this mani!

cool nail designsImage Source

5. Blue Rose Nail Art

Simple polka dot and stripes compliment the pink roses on this accent nail nicely!

cool nail designsImage Source

6. Simple Black and Blue Flower Nails

Cool nail art designs don’t have to be super complicated, as you can see by the simple flower design on these nails!

cool nail designsImage Source

7. Red and Gray Heart Nails

A gray and white striped accent nail makes a nice background for a bright red heart design!

cool nail designsImage Source

8. Spun Sugar Nail Art

Spun sugar nail designs ake for some pretty cool nail designs that are also unique and creative!

cool nail designsImage Source

9. Metallic Blue and Black Stamped Nails

A black stamped nail art design looks pretty spectacular on these metallic blue nails!

cool nail designsImage Source

10. Blue Heart Nail Design

Some heart nail art designs are eye catching enough to be some pretty cool nail designs, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day!

cool nail designsImage Source

11. Neutral Polka Dot Nail Art Burst

A burst of polka dot from the corners of the nails turn these neutral nails into a fun design!

cool nail designsImage Source

12. Fishnet Nail Tips

Fishnet patterns make for some cool nail designs, and these fishnet nail tips are no exception!

cool nail designsImage Source

Don’t forget to add a clear top coat to your own cool nail designs. This will help protect the polish and make your designs last much longer!

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