12 Easy Nail Art Tutorial Ideas to Try

Nail art is a fun and stylish way to express yourself. There are tons of nail designs that you can create, even if you only have a few colors of nail polish and no fancy nail art tools. In fact, many nail art designs require no special tools at all—just some of your favorite nail polish! You can always get ideas for your next nail art design by simply looking at pictures, but it can be hard to decipher how a particular design was created this way. That’s when a nail art tutorial can come in handy!

Following a nail art tutorials is also a great way to try new designs and practice different nail art techniques. Nail tutorials break down a nail art design and give you step by step instructions on how to recreate the look. The following nail art tutorials are simple enough for anyone to follow and, with a little practice, master!

1. Plastic Wrap Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Something as simple as plastic wrap can create some amazing nail art! Start by painting a coat of nail polish over a dry coat of a nail polish in a contrasting color and dab some off with a small bit of crinkled plastic wrap.

nail art tutorialImage Source

2. Butterfly Wing Nail Tutorial

Have you ever seen those gorgeous butterfly wing nail art designs and wondered how they did it? This easy to follow nail art tutorial shows you just how to achieve this look!

nail art tutorialImage Source

3. Christmas Tree Nail Design Tutorial

Be ready for the holidays with a quick and simple Christmas tree nail art design! And, this nail art tutorial shows you just how to create a fun and festive look!

nail art tutorialImage Source

4. Puzzle Nail Art Tutorial

Nails full of puzzle pieces look tricky and complicated, right? Take the easy route and use this puzzle piece nail art tutorial for perfect results!

nail art tutorialImage Source

5. Feather Nail Art Tutorial

You can’t get much more realistic than a real feather for your nail art design. This tutorial shows you just how to achieve stunning results!

nail art tutorialImage Source

6. Argyle Nails Tutorial

An argyle nail design is oh so cute! And, as you can see from this nail art tutorial, it’s probably not as complicated as you’d think!

nail art tutorialImage Source

7. Dripping Nail Art Tutorial

Dripping nail designs are fun and funky! Check out how to replicate a dripping nail art look with this super simple tutorial!

nail art tutorialImage Source

8. Herringbone Nail Design Tutorial

Herringbone nail designs look super complicated, but they aren’t really. Here’s a simple nail tutorial that shows just how easy this look really is to get!

nail art tutorialImage Source

9. Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorial

A sparkly glitter gradient is a gorgeous nail art trend these days. Two coats of glitter nail polish, a a long and short one overlapping each other, is also really all you need for this look.

nail art tutorialImage Source

10. Black and Silver Taped Nail Tutorial

Scotch tape should be in every lady’s nail art arsenal! It can be used to create a myriad of nail art designs, including this sharp black and silver design.

nail art tutorialImage Source

11. Heart Striped Nail Tutorial

Pretty pink heart shaped stripes make for a cute Valentine’s Day manicure! Just head to the office supply store or your own desk drawer for the necessary supplies.

nail art tutorialImage Source

12. Owl Nail Art Tutorial

Owl nail designs are super cute, but they sometimes look too complicated to attempt. This nail tutorial, however, gives you step by step instructions to show you how easy it can be!

nail art tutorialImage Source

What are you waiting for? Break out the nail polish and get started on some of these awesome nail art tutorials!

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