12 Creative Designs for Jurassic Park Nails

The new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, is set to hit theaters in June of 2015. Jurassic Park lovers are gearing up and getting ready, with all sorts of branded merchandise from the franchise. From hats to t-shirts to mugs, you can find all sorts of Jurassic park gear. Some people, though, prefer to celebrate the release f the new Jurassic Park movie a little differently—with Jurassic Park nails!

Jurassic Park nails can black, red, white, and yellow and they can be painted with the Jurassic park logo. If you’re going for something a little less obvious, you can also paint your nails with a subtler dinosaur design. No matter which design you choose, Jurassic Park nails would be a fun way to ring in the release of this summer flick!

If you’re ready to start painting, here are some great ideas for Jurassic Park nails!

1. Red and Black Jurassic Park Nails

Give your Jurassic Park nails an unexpected pop of color with a blue accent nail.

Jurassic park nailsSource

2. Jurassic Nail Art

Spell out Jurassic across all of your fingers if you’re a short-nailed gal. The red and yellow logo on the thumb adds a fun touch.

Jurassic park nailsSource

3. Jurassic Park Nails on a Green Background

The green camo background on these nails will help you blend right into the brush. Remember, it can’t see you if you don’t move!

Jurassic park nailsSource

4. Magnetic Green Polish With Jurassic Accent Nail

The magnetic green polish should be the easy part of these Jurassic park nails! The red and yellow dinosaur logo might be a bit tricky, but oh so worth it!

Jurassic park nailsSource

5. Black Jurassic Park Nails

A scary dinosaur and “Jurassic Park” on the thumb turns this black nail design into a Jurassic manicure.

Jurassic park nailsSource

6. Red and Yellow Jurassic Park Nails

The detail in these dinos is amazing!

Jurassic park nailsSource

7. Jurassic Park Nail Art

Another mani with Jurassic Park spelled out across the nails.

Jurassic park nailsSource

8. Green and Red Nails With Black Crackle

One of the more subtler Jurassic Park nail designs. These crackle nails remind us of dinosaur skin!

Jurassic park nailsSource

9. Dragon Scale Nails

Another nail art design to remind you of those scaley creatures.

Jurassic park nailsSource

10. Dragon Eye Nail Art Design

They’re watching you…

Jurassic park nailsSource

11. Gold Dinosaur Nails

Gold stickers create a super fun dinosaur design, don’t you think?

Jurassic park nailsSource

12. Neon Dinosaur Nails

Or you could try cute little neon dinosaur nails!

Jurassic park nailsSource

Now that you have a little inspiration for your Jurassic Park nails, it’s time to get painting! Your Jurassic Park nails can be as simple or complex as you like. If you don’t have the patience to hand paint the franchise logo or dinosaurs, you can also try the other dinosaur effects or nail stickers. Don’t forget, you can also make your own Jurassic Park nail stickers, which would be easier than painting each nail.

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