11 Fun and Simple Santa Nail Art Designs

Santa nail art is a jolly great way to celebrate the Christmas season! This fat, happy character is synonymous with Christmas around the world!

Red and white are the typical colors used for Santa nail, but other colors can also be included, like white, silver, gold, and black. Santa nails can be as simple as little Santa hats or as complex and a full Santa painted on the nails. There are lots of different Santa nail art designs that you can try. For a little holiday inspiration, check out these awesome Santa nails for some ideas for your own…

1. Santa Coat Nails

Santa’s coat is definitely recognizable, making it a great simple Santa nail art option! Gold glitter polish also adds a nice bit of shimmer too!

santa nail artImage Source

2. Santa Hat Nails

Need some really simple Santa nail art? Paint red triangles on each nail and add white dots for the fur trim. Voilà! You now have some Santa hat nails!

santa nail artImage Source

3. Red Santa Clause Nails

Short on time? Paint all of your nails red and create a simple Santa Clause face design on one accent nail. You’ll still have your Santa nails, without a lot of fuss!

santa nail artImage Source

4. Floppy Santa Hat Nail

A floppy little Santa hat also makes a super cute Santa accent nail! It’s also super easy to do too!

santa nail artImage Source

5. Standing Santa Nails

Separately, each of these nails just looks like a Santa themed nail art design. Put them all together, though, and you have a standing Santa!

santa nail artImage Source

6. Rhinestone Santa Nail Art Design

For those of you who want lots of sparkle for your Christmas nails, use some silver polish and lots of rhinestones to create nails that look like Santa’s coat!

santa nail artImage Source

7. Striped Santa Nails

A classic design, stripes look even better when paired with a fun Santa accent nail!

santa nail artImage Source

8. Polka Dot Santa Nails

Don’t think Santa and stripes go together well? How about some polka dots and Santa nails?

santa nail artImage Source

9. French Tip Santa Nails

White French tips can easily be incorporated into some Santa nail art. Just add some red and silver polish to each nail and top off the design with Santa’s face on an accent nail!

santa nail artImage Source

10. Candy Cane Santa Nails

Red and white candy cane nails are super sweet when paired with a couple of fun Santa nails!

santa nail artImage Source

11. Realistic Santa Face Nail Art

This realistic Santa nail art portrait requires lots of patience and artistic ability, but isn’t it totally worth it?

santa nail artImage Source

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hope you found lots of great inspiration for your very own Santa nail art designs! Remember to have some fun with them and get a little festive. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to paint your nails like a jolly old fat guy dressed in red!

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