11 Fancy Feather Nail Art Designs

Feather nail art designs are the perfect trendy nail design to try this season. The whimsical feather design is light and delicate and sure to get a few compliments!

Feather nail art designs may look difficult, but they’re actually much easier than you may think to create. All you really need is a thin nail brush to paint the wispy strokes of the feather. Black is the most common color for feather nails, but any colors can be used. White feathers create a more delicate look, for instance, and metallic or glitter polishes are a bit more glamorous.

If you’re looking to create your own feather nail art design, check out these great designs for a little inspiration!

1. Turquoise Feather Nail Art

A pretty turquoise polish makes a gorgeous background for some simple feather nail art!

feather nail artImage Source

2. White and Black Feather Nails

A black feather on white nails really pops!

feather nail artImage Source

3. Peacock Feather Nail Art

A peacock feather nail art design really stands out against a gold glitter accent nail!

feather nail artImage Source

4. Nude Feather Nail Art

A light nude pink polish make a perfect background for this simple black feather nail art!

feather nail artImage Source

5. Birds and Feather Nail Art

Add some birds to you feather nail art and you have a simply exquisite manicure!

feather nail artImage Source

6. Green Feather Nail Art

A pretty green nail polish makes a gorgeous background color for these peacock nails!

feather nail artImage Source

7. Birds and Feather Nails

Another great example of some birds and feather nail art!

feather nail artImage Source

8. Blue and White Feather Nail Art

One fluffy feather painted across the nails makes a sweet and fun statement!

feather nail artImage Source

9. Studded Feather Nail Art

For edgy rock star feather nails, all you need are some nail art studs!

feather nail artImage Source

10. Studded Silver Feather Nails

Some small feather nail art details may see insignificant, but they really make this manicure!

feather nail artImage Source

11. Teal Feather Accent Nail

Light teal polish is super hot this season,and a cute feather accent nail can really take this mani to the next level!

feather nail artImage Source

As you can see, there are lots of ways to create some simple yet stunning feather nail art! a small feather on one nail can have a big impact, but a long feather across all of your nails is absolutely stunning. Whatever design you choose, your design is sure to turn a few heads!

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