10 Trendy Nail Art Designs to Try

For the modern girl, there’s really no other way to rock the fingertips than some trendy nail art! Modern trendy nail art is usually minimalist in nature, with simple designs. Colors in modern nail art are usually quite subdued, and most ladies tend to stick with neutrals, like nudes, black, and white. Metallics also look pretty amazing in trendy nail designs, though, and don’t be afraid of a little color! Just because you’re going modern doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your craving for color.

Looking for some ideas for trendy nail designs? Check out these sweet nail art designs for a little inspiration!

1. Minimalist Fruit Nails

Minimalist designs are definitely trendy nail art designs these days, and these cute nails are minimalist with a fun little fruity twist!

trendy nail artImage Source

2. Modern Color Block Nails

Blocks of subtle color on black tipped nails make for a unique and trendy nail art design.

trendy nail artImage Source

3. Polka Dot Circles Nail Art

This simple trendy nail art design is sure to get you a few compliments!

trendy nail artImage Source

4. Pointy Skull Nails

For the modern rocker chick, some negative space skull and corset designs on stiletto nails are wicked sexy!

trendy nail artImage Source

5. White Chevron Nails

Chevron nails have a modern twist with a negative space design.

trendy nail artImage Source

6. Outlined and Textured Nails

Outlined trendy nail art pairs well with some nail studs and a textured design.

trendy nail artImage Source

7. Mixed Trendy Nail Art Designs

Modern ladies know that they can mix different designs, like outlined nails and negative space designs, with the same colors.

trendy nail artImage Source

8. Chrome Negative Space Nail Art

Different chrome nail polishes combine well in this negative space mani!

trendy nail artImage Source

9. Black and Gold Outlines Nails

Outlined nails make for super trendy nail art, and black and gold work beautifully together in this outlined mani design!

trendy nail artImage Source

10. Trendy Turquoise and Black Nails

Here’s a nice example of some trendy nails with a nice pop of color!

trendy nail artImage Source

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