10 Studious Back to School Nails

Back to school time is finally here! Kids will soon be pouring into the classroom with their crisp new threads and shiny new sneakers. Tween and teens girls can also accessorize and celebrate the first days of school with some super cute back to school nails! Even teachers can rock some adorable back to school nails, not only on the first day but all year long!

Back to school nail art can be as simple or as complex as you want. These back to school nails are simple enough for most people to do, but they’re eye catching as well, and you’re sure to get lots of compliments!

1. Apple Back to School Nails

Few things are associated with back to school time than apples—for the teacher, of course! And, these apples nails, or any apple nails, are the perfect design for back to school nail art.

back to school nailsImage Source

2. Ruler Nail Art

A bright yellow ruler painted on the nails shows that you’re ready to tackle a new school year in style!

back to school nailsImage Source

3. Crayon Nail Art

Looking for some bright and colorful back to school nails? These classic crayons should fit the bill perfectly, especially for elementary school teachers and students.

back to school nailsImage Source

4. Doodle Notebook Nails

Need some super simple back to school nails? Add blue and red lines to white nails to white nails for some adorable notebook nails. Use black polish to add a few doodles to jazz them up a little.

back to school nailsImage Source

5. Green Chalkboard Nails

Classic green chalkboard nail art makes for some clever back to school nails for all ages!

back to school nailsImage Source

6. Matte Black Chalkboard Nails

A matte top coat really gives these chalkboard nails a realistic touch. Well, almost, but they’re still adorable back to school nails!

back to school nailsImage Source

7. Pencil Nail Art

Everyone needs some trusty pencils on the first day of school.

back to school nailsImage Source

8. Pointy Pencil Nail Art

You can’t head to the front of the class without a stack of perfectly ahrpened pencils!

back to school nailsImage Source

9. Nerdy Math Nail Art

For all of you math nerds out there, we have some complex math nail art for the first day of school!

back to school nailsImage Source

10. Mixed Back to School Nails

If you can’t choose just one back to school nail art design, pick a few for a general back to school nail theme!

back to school nails 5Image Source

You’re sure to go to the head of the class with these back to school nails! Or, you’ll at least likely to get a few compliments on your first day back. So, have a little fun with back to school nail art this year, and make your first day back more of a celebration than a drag!

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