10 Perfect Pencil Nail Art Designs for Back To School

Back to school… Back to school… To prove to my dad that I’m not a fool…

Well, you get the idea! It’s back to school time for all of the kids, parents, and teachers! That means back to reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. Oh, and it also means the ladies get to try out some fun new back to school nail art!

One of the most popular nail art designs for back to school are pencil nail art designs. These designs are usually quite simple to achieve, and require little more than some yellow, pink, and silver polish. If you’ll be painting the pencil points, you’ll also need some black or dark gray polish as well. Colored pencil nails, of course, will require an array of colors! Painting the actual pencil nail design is easy too! You can use tape for straight line, or just a nail art brush to create the designs.

Ready for your own fun nail art designs for back to school? Check out these super cute pencil nails for some awesome inspiration!

1. Pencil Nails and Erasers

One of the simplest pencil nail art designs, this manicure requires little more than three wide stripes of yellow, silver, and pink going across the nails.

pencil nail artImage Source

2. No. 2 Pencil Nails

You can’t take a test without a No. 2 pencil, so add a small No. 2 design and always be ready!

pencil nail artImage Source

3. Short Pencil Nails

Pencil nail art isn’t just for the ladies with the long nails; it can look super cute on short nails too!

pencil nail artImage Source

4. Pointy pencil Accent Nail

Mix it up a little by adding some sharpened pencil nail art to one finger as an accent nail.

pencil nail artImage Source

5. Ruler and Pencil Nails

Pair up these two school supplies for some amazing back to school nails! The yellow stripes on the pencils are a nice touch as well!

pencil nail artImage Source

6. Pencil and Paper Nail Art

Because, after all, what will you write on with your brandy new sharpened pencil if you don’t have paper? (Not the desk, naughty!)

pencil nail artImage Source

7. Cute Pencil Nails

These pencil nails have a slight cartoonish quality to them, making them an adorable design!

pencil nail artImage Source

8. Pointy Sharpened Pencil Nail Art

Practical? Probably not. Awesome? Heck yeah!

pencil nail artImage Source

9. Colored Pencil Nails

If dull gray pencils aren’t your thing, try some colorful colored pencil nails!

pencil nail artImage Source

10. Glitter Colored Pencil Nail Art

A little glitter adds some great sparkle to these simple colored pencil nails!

pencil nail artImage Source

Pencil nail art makes some great nail art for back to school! But, that doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for! You can create some pencil nail art when starting a new art class, for instance, or—well—just because it’s a fun design. When you’re finished with your pencil nails, don’t forget to add a good topcoat so all of your hard work isn’t erased!

Don’t you just love these pencil nail art designs? For some more great nail designs for back to school, you might also want to check out these 10 Studious Back to School Nails, 23 Playful and Cute Nail Art Designs, and 40 Cool Nail Designs You Will Love!

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