10 Fun County Fair Nail Art Designs

State and county fairs are a summer tradition for many families every year. The food, rides, games, and even the smell of a fair is enough to bring out the kid in all of us!

Casual is key at a county fairs. After all, you want to be as comfortable as possible. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up your nails for a little county fair fun!

You can get as creative and wild as you want with county fair nail art designs’ it’s all about having fun anyway. Highlight your favorite rides, games, and attractions on your nails with some colorful polish and you should fit right into the bustling scene! if you’re looking for some fun state or county fair nail art designs, take a look at these gems!

1. Ring Toss Nail Art Designs

What’ your favorite county fair carnival game? If it’s the ring toss, you can try these cute and colorful circle nail art designs!

fair nail art designsImage Source

2. Clown Nail Art Design

Clowns aren’t just circus nail art designs! You can also paint some fun and colorful clowns for your county fair nails!

fair nail art designsImage Source

3. County Fair Food Nails

Fair food can be hard to resist, it’s true! These cute fair food nail designs mimic some of the tasty goodies you might find at the fair’s food vendors, from fried dough to popcorn and cotton candy.

fair nail art designsImage Source

4. Fluffy Cotton Candy Nail Art

Yum! Speaking of fair food, it’s hard to resist some fluffy and sticky cotton candy!

fair nail art designsImage Source

5. Easy Cotton Candy Nails

These pink and blue cotton candy nails are so simple to do, and they look oh so cute!

fair nail art designsImage Source

6. Carousel Nail Art Designs

Rides are most people’s favorite part of the fair, and the carousel is a classic ride that also happens to look stunning in fair nail art designs!

fair nail art designsImage Source

7. Sunset Ferris Wheel Nails

For some people, the Ferris wheel is a can’t miss attraction at the fair, especially at sunset!

fair nail art designsImage Source

8. Paris Ferric Wheel Nail Art

There are lots of great Ferris wheel nail art designs out there, but these urle, ink, orange, and yellow gradient Ferris wheel nails in Paris are just gorgeous!

fair nail art designsImage Source

9. Roller Coaster and Ticket Nail Art

Admit one for some county fair fun!

fair nail art designsImage Source

10. Simple Blue Roller Coaster Nails

These roller coaster nails are really easy to do, and they’re the perfect fair nail art designs for thrill seekers!

fair nail art designsImage Source

Enjoy your time at your local fair this year! Hopefully these cute fair nail art designs have inspired you and given you some ideas for your own county fair nails. Even if you aren’t going to hit the midway this summer, these fair nail art designs are still super cute and fun designs!

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