10 Fantastic France Nail Art Designs

France nail art is usually created with red, white, and blue nail polish—the national color and the colors on the French flag. Simple France nail art designs may include the striped design of the French flag. Other France nail art designs may be a little more complicated and include elements such as the Eiffel Tower, one of the most recognized landmarks in the world.

There may be several reasons why someone would paint France themed nail art. Obviously French citizens would do so out of patriotism, as would people celebrating French holidays, like Bastille Day. Other people, however, may use France nail art to show support for a country going through chaos or a national disaster.

If you’re looking for some of your own France nail art, check out some of these designs for a little inspiration!

1. French Flag and Eiffel Tower Nails

This France themed mani incorporates both the french flag and the Eiffel Tower. Easy Eiffel Tower nail art can be achieved with nail decals.

france nail artImage Source

2. Cute French Themed Nails

A couple of cartoonish French themed elements on red, white, and blue nails makes for some super cute France nail art!

france nail artImage Source

3. Light Blue France Nail Art

Dark blue is the color on the French flag, but this light blue color looks smashing as well!

france nail artImage Source

4. Silver France Nail Art

A shimmery silver polish adds a nice touch when it replaces white in this French flag nail art.

france nail artImage Source

5. French Flag Nail Art

Here’s some gorgeous red, white, and blue French flag nail art. And, the French tip fits in perfectly with the France nail art design.

france nail artImage Source

6. Easy Eiffel Tower Nail Art

Simple black Eiffel Tower designs against a backdrop of little French flags is super cute and a lit easier than you’d think to create!

france nail artImage Source

7. Paris Nail Art

This France nail art has it all—a French flag, a map of Paris, the Eiffel tower, and the word Paris.

france nail artImage Source

8. Eiffel Tower Accent Nail

The Eiffel Tower and Ferris wheel make beautiful additions to this France nail art!

france nail artImage Source

9. Red, White, and Blue Nail Art

Wide red, white, and blue stripes across the nails resemble a French flag spread across the nails, perfect for French patriots.

france nail artImage Source

10. Glitter French Nail Art

A glitter top coat on one accent nail adds a nice bit of shimmer to this French nail art!

france nail artImage Source

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