10 Cheerful Sunshine Nail Art Designs

After months of cold and snow, lots of us are ready for a ittle sunshine in our lives! Even if the sun isn’t shining outside, we can still get that warm, sunny feel with a little sunshine nail art!

Sunshine nail art designs are fun, bright and happy. Perfect after a long winter, and perfect for the warmer months. All you need is some yellow nail polish for the sun and light blue poish for the sky to create your own sunny nails.

Get a little insiration for your own sunny nails with these great ideas!

1. You Are My Sunshine Nail Art

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… Sing along! I’m sure you know the words!

sunshine nail artImage Source

2. Sun and Clouds Nail Art

A few white puffy clouds in the sky make a nice addition to this sunshine nail design!

sunshine nail artImage Source

3. Cool Sun Nail Design

Add some dark shades to your sun to make him a little more hip!

sunshine nail artImage Source

4. Beach and Sun Nail Art

Add some birds and blue waves to your sunshine nail art for a cute beach scene.

sunshine nail artImage Source

5. Abstract Sunshine Nail Art

Here’s a little abstract sunshine nail design if you’re looking for something a little different.

sunshine nail artImage Source

6. Rising Sun Nail Art

The sun rising over the hills is quite a sight, even in a cute little nail art design!

sunshine nail artImage Source

7. Spiral Sunshine Nail Design

Create a unique sunshine nail art design with a spiral and triangles.

sunshine nail artImage Source

8. Colorful Stripes and Sun Nail Design

Some bright and colorful stripes go beautifully with these spiral sun nail designs!

sunshine nail artImage Source

9. Happy Sunshine Nail Art

Smiling suns make for a fun and cute nail art design!

sunshine nail artImage Source

10. Geometric Sun Nail Art Designs

Bright yellow polish really stands out on black nails in awesome geometric designs!

sunshine nail artImage Source

Wanna know a little secret to make creating sunny nail art a little easier? Instead of using yellow nail polish, use acrylic craft paint. It’s vibrant and much easier to apply with a thin brush. Plus, if you make a mistake, it wipes away easily with a little rubbing alcohol! Just don’t forget to seal in your design with a clear topcoat when you’re done.

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