16 Vibrant Rainbow Eyeshadow Ideas

Need a new and colorful eye makeup look? Give rainbow eyeshadow a shot!

Rainbow eye makeup isn’t something you see every day. It’s a unique and colorful look that’s sure to turn a few heads and brighten up any face. It also sends a fun loving vibe, making it great for parties and days you need a little lift.

There are lots of different choices when applying your rainbow eye makeup. You can go subtle, with just a hint of color, or go bold, with slashes of vibrant color. Subtle rainbow eye makeup can be applied to just the eyelid below the crease or used to line the eyes, for instance. Bolder rainbow eye makeup, on the other hand is usually applied with a slightly heavier hand, oftentimes all around the eyes. This look can also be enhanced with colored eyeliners and mascaras.

Ready to try a rainbow eye look for yourself? Check out these looks for some amazing and colorful inspiration!

1. Rainbow Lined Eyes

Create a sweet and subtle colorful eye look by lining your upper lid just above the lash line with a tiny rainbow of color. It’s not noticeable enough to be crazy, but it gives a nice pop of color where you’d least expect it.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

2. Subtle Rainbow Eyeshadow

Apply stripes of color with a light touch on the eyelid only for a subtle pop of color. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

3. Pastel Rainbow Eyeshadow

Light pastel colors also make for a subtle rainbow eyeshadow look. As with most rainbow eyeshadow looks, the secret is in the blending.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

4. Shimmery Rainbow Eyeshadow

Shimmery eyeshadows make an eye catching whimsical rainbow eyeshadow look!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

5. Lined Rainbow Eyes

Want to make your eyes pop even more? Use a black eyeliner to line your eyes after applying your rainbow eyeshadow for a sexy and slightly wicked look.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

6. Winged Rainbow Eyes

Creating a winged eyeshadow look with a multitude of colors and black eyeliner can give you a fun loving look for day or night!

rainbow eyeshadow 6Image Source

7. Neon Rainbow Eyes

Need some serious color on your eyes? Neon eyeshadows are the way to go!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

8. Smokey Rainbow Eye Makeup

Blending darker colors around your eyes can give you a cross between rainbow eyeshadow and a smokey eye for a look that’s both fun loving and sultry!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

9. Rainbow Striped Eyeshadow

Bold stripes of color striped onto the eyelids can give you a truly unique rainbow eyeshadow look!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

10. Eyes Lined With Rainbows

Apply several colors of eyeshadow around you eyes to make a colorful lined eye.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

11. Winged Striped Eyeshadow Rainbow

This variation of striped eyeshadow also includes a swipe of black eyeshadow in a winged eye makeup design.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

12. Bold Colorful Rainbow Eyes

If you’re going to do rainbow eyeshadow, you might as well go big and bold! This look uses colorful eyeshadow to surround the entire eye, which creates a striking look.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

13. Vibrant Rainbow Eyeshadow

Heavy application of eyehadow in rainbow stripes create a big, bold, and vibrant look!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

14. Rainbow on Lower Lash Line

Dark eyeliner on the upper lash line combined with a vibrant rainbow of color on the lower lash line make for a playful and colorful eye makeup look!

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

15. Dark Colorful Eyeshadow

If you prefer a more dramatic rainbow eye makeup look, use dark eyeshadow colors instead. This creates a darker, more dramatic look.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

16. Wild and Crazy Rainbow Eyes

Looking for a really wild rainbow eyeshadow look? Go all out and apply bright colors all around your eye; just be sure to blend them well! Rhinestones can even be added for an even crazier look.

rainbow eyeshadowImage Source

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