16 Crazy Beautiful Eye Shadow Design Ideas

For women, makeup is a great way to enhance the eyes. The right combination of eyeshadow and eye liner combined with the right application techniques can make the eyes appear brighter and sultrier. Sometimes, though, plain Jane eyeshadow just isn’t enough. These days, eyeshadow design ideas are creeping into the scene!

Eyeshadow design ideas aren’t your typical day to night eye makeup. These are usually more complex applications that include an image created with eye makeup. Many eyeshadow design ideas are a little too wild and crazy for most women to wear casually or even on a night out. They’re typically seen as a type of fantasy makeup and usually reserved for photo shoots and special occasions, like holidays.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with your own eye shadow designs at home, though! If you’re looking to have a little fun with your eye makeup, check out these awesome eyeshadow design ideas!

1. Leopard Print Eyeshadow

Gold or tan eyeshadow makes the perfect base for a leopard print eyeshadow design. All that’s needed are a few well placed spots and bold black lining the upper and lower lids.

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

2. Green and Purple Leopard Eyeshadow

If you want to get a little more wild and crazy with your leopard print eyeshadow design, use some fun bright eyeshadow colors, like this green and purple!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

3. Bow Eyeshadow Design

Little bows on the corner of the eye are eyeshadow design ideas that are totally doable for a fun nighttime look that’s not too over the top.

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

4. Comic Book Eyeshadow Design

Comic book fans can appreciate this smashing eyeshadow design!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

5. Watermelon Eyeshadow

Summer time eyeshadow can definitely be bright and fun in a watermelon design!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

6. Strawberry Eyeshadow Design

Fruit eyeshadow design ideas are definitely fun for summer!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

7. Music Note Eyeshadow

With some awesome eyeshadow like this, it’s pretty clear that you dance to the beat of your own drummer!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

8. Horse and Rainbow Eyeshadow

A white horse prances across this eyelid amidst some fluffy white clouds and a colorful rainbow.

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

9. Rhinestone Flower Eye Makeup

Embellishments like rhinstones can add an amazing touch to your eyeshadow design ideas!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

10. Butterfly Eyeshadow

Black eyeliner can be used to line the eyes and create some fancy butterfly wings at the corners of brightly shadowed eyes.

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

11. Peacock Eye Design

Blue, gold, and green eyeshadow makes a beautiful peacock feather eyeshadow design that’s simple enough for just about anyone to do!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

12. Shooting Star Eye Makeup

Metallic stars shooting across the eyelid are eye catching and pretty amazing!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

13. R2D2 Eye Makeup

Star Wars fans are known for going all out, so you should have known that there would be some eyeshadow design ideas with a nod to this popular franchise.

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

14. Pac Man Eyeshadow

You can’t really go wrong with an awesome old school Pac Man design on your lids!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

15. Day to Night Eyeshadow Ideas

Can’t decide on a daytime eye or a night time eye? This eyeshadow design has the best of both worlds!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

16. Haunted Tree Halloween Eye Makeup

Celebrate the spookiest night of the year with an awesome haunted tree eyeshadow design!

eyeshadow design ideasImage Source

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