13 Wicked Ways to Use Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is definitely not for every lady. However, there are some occasions that call for it. Halloween might come to mind when you first think of red eyeshadow, for instance. Sometimes red eye makeup is really all you need to create an out of this world sultry look.

Playing dress up and costume parties aren’t the only place for this unusual eyeshadow, though. What if someone told you that you could actually use red eyeshadow to create a fun and sexy everyday makeup look? (Well, at least a sultry night time look.) You can, and it doesn’t have to make you look washed out, sleep deprived or ill! There are actually lots of different tricks and techniques that you can use to create some amazing looks with red eye shadow! Take a look….

1. Light Red Eyeshadow With Gold

Create a subtle look for almond eyes with a light application of red eyeshadow. Gold eyeliner adds a nice highlight to the upper lash line as well.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

2. Red and Highlighted Gold Eyeshadow

Black eyeshadow creates a sexy and sultry look along the bottom lash line, and you can use red eyeshadow to create an edgy pop of color on the eyelid and along the bottom lash line. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a shimmery gold shadow to make eyes appear larger and brighter.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

3. Gold and Red Eyeshadow

Here’s another great example of how to use red eyeshadow with gold to create an eye opening look. This look is a little less subtle and a little more party ready!

use red eyeshadowImage Source

4. Black Eyeliner and Red Eyeshadow

Use red eyeshadow to highlight eyes that have been lined with a black eyeliner for an edgy look. The black liner helps define the eyes, while the red and gold in the eyelids help highlight a woman’s most beautiful feature.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

5. Black and Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is most commonly paired with black eye makeup, and for good reason! The two eyeshadow colors compliment each other well and create a sexy, sultry look that’s a little dark and mysterious.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

6. Winged Black and Red Eye Makeup

Use red eyeshadow and purple eyeshadow to highlight a sexy black winged eye makeup look. It’s sure to get you a second glance or two!

use red eyeshadowImage Source

7. Dark Red Eyeshadow

A warm, dark red eyeshadow can create some amazing definition to your eyes, especially when paired with a darker black eyeliner.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

8. Red Glitter Eyeshadow

Want to use red eyeshadow for a more glam look? Shimmery red glitter eyeshadow is definitely the answer here!

use red eyeshadowImage Source

9. Red Eyeshadow on Darker Skin

Ladies with darker complexions can use red eyeshadow almost fearlessly. While this normally noticeable eye color can appear too bright on women with light complexions, it adds some amazing depth to ladies with darker complexions.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

10. Bright Red Eyeshadow

Use a bright red eyeshadow to add a pop of color and create some wicked notice-me eyes! If the bright red is too much, you can also smudge a deeper burgundy or plum color up onto your brow bone for a slightly more sophisticated look.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

11. Bold Red Eyeshadow

Looking for a super bold eye makeup look? Smudge bright red shimmery shadow and black shadow on your eyelids up toward your brow bones; it’s sure to turn a few heads!

use red eyeshadowImage Source

12. Red Eyeshadow in Corners of Eyes

Wow! Swiping on some super bright red eyeshadow will definitely give you a bold and daring look! Prevent that scary sleep deprived zombie look by lining the eyes with a smoky black shadow first.

use red eyeshadowImage Source

13. Black and Red Eyeshadow Tutorial

For the ultimate dark come hither look, a little black and red eyeshadow goes a long way! If you’re still stuck on how to use red eyeshadow, here’s a handy little tutorial to help you out…

use red eyeshadowImage Source

It’s true that red eyeshadow may not be easy to pull off for everyone. There are so many shades of red and so many different complexions, that it may take more than a few tries to find the perfect red shadow shade for you. Start small and simple at first, with some subtl red eye makeup. From there, you can move on to bigger and bolder looks. Remember that practice makes perfect!

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