16 Pieces of Anatomical Jewelry That Will Blow Your Mind

For some people, your typical jewelry just doesn’t cut it. The cute little gold hearts and diamond earrings are pretty and sparkly, but they lack a certain pizzazz! For the more unique-minded, for those cerebral beings, there’s always anatomical jewelry!

There are so many reasons why someone might choose a piece of anatomical jewelry. For some, anatomical jewelry with different body parts is just fascinating and unique. For others, however, these unusual pieces of jewelry mean something more. Perhaps someone suffering from asthma might choose a necklace with a set of lungs, for instance. Or, a cardiologist might choose an anatomical heart necklace. An anatomical heart necklace can also be an unconventional way to say “I love you” to an unconventional person.

On the hunt for some unusual jewelry? Check out these awesome pieces of anatomical jewelry to add to your collection!

1. Anatomical Heart Necklace

Let’s knock out probably the most popular type of anatomical jewelry—the anatomical heart necklace! Gorgeous, isn’t it?

anatomical jewelryImage Source

2. Anatomical Heart Locket

You can do your own open heart surgery with this anatomical heart locket. No medical training necessary!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

3. Spine Necklace

Moving down on our list of anatomical jewelry, we have an interesting spine necklace.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

4. Vertebrae Earrings

Sometimes, though, you don’t need an entire spine. On those minimalist days, a set of vertebrae earrings will do just fine!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

5. Skeleton Torso Anatomical Jewelry

This isn’t your typical skeleton necklace! The fact that it’s just a torso makes it a little more unique and interesting.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

6. Rib Cage Necklace

Because there’s an interesting irony in wearing a rib cage next to your rib cage.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

7. Rib Cage Ring

As anatomical jewelry goes, this ring is a bit large, but it would make a pretty awesome statement piece!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

8. Lungs Necklace

A pair of lungs strung around your neck is pretty breath taking, no? (See what I did there…? See it? Yeah.)

anatomical jewelryImage Source

9. Human Ear Necklace

I’m not even sure what to say about this anatomical jewelry. So many thuoghts come to mind, none of them appropriate.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

10. Inner Ear Necklace

A necklace with a cochlea, or inner ear, on the other hand, is pretty awesome! It would make a great necklace for someone with a hearing impairment.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

11. Uterus Necklace

Women looking for anatomical jewelry might just be drawn to this sweet silver uterus necklace, complete with pearl ovaries.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

12. Kidney Necklace

If you’re missing one kidney, this pewter replacement might be just the thing!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

13. Digestive System Necklace

I’m not entirely sure who would want to wear their intestines on a necklace, but why not?

anatomical jewelryImage Source

14. Brain Necklace

Are you more of a cerebral kind of person? There’s also some pretty awesome anatomical jewelry for you too, like this brain necklace…

anatomical jewelryImage Source

15. Anatomical Brain Ring

…or this tiny little brain ring!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

16. Hyoid Bone Necklace

The hyoid bone is one of the most interesting and unique bones in the human body, making this probably one of my favorite pieces of anatomical jewelry on the list!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

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