When Technology Meet Arts

Technology and Arts were seen on two different edges by most of the artists. Thankfully its the thing of the past. With inception of Cutting edge Technology, Artists started giving a try to blend both to get amazing effects. And When Technology Meet Arts, it can do wonders, which we are showing in our Today’s Inspirational post.

Our today’s post is featuring amazing work of Mads Peitersen, a superb male artist from Denmark. Although this incredible artist hasn’t shared any personal information over net, but that doesn’t stops us to praise his superb artwork. Check out his magical work.

iPhone 4

Art meets technology by Madspeitersen When Technology Meet Arts

Playstation 3 Anatomie

Playstation 3 Anatomie by Madspeitersen When Technology Meet Arts

Capture Everything

capture everything by madspeitersen d2yfs0x When Technology Meet Arts

iPod Nano

choose your anatomy by madspeitersen d342kf22 When Technology Meet Arts

Control Life

Control Life by Madspeitersen When Technology Meet Arts


choose your anatomy by madspeitersen d342kf2 When Technology Meet Arts

PS3 Anatomies

ps3 anatomies by madspeitersen d35f1fz When Technology Meet Arts

iPod Shuffle

choose your anatomy by madspeitersen d342kf21 When Technology Meet Arts


hottoastnightmare by madspeitersen d2vvqu0 When Technology Meet Arts

New Product

choose your anatomy by madspeitersen d342kf23 When Technology Meet Arts

Arrival in Asia

arrival in asia by madspeitersen d35cjup When Technology Meet Arts

Link To Portfolio


Mads Peitersen Words

I am 31 years old and live in Copenhagen Denmark. I work proffesionally as an concept artist in movies, games and advertising. I have explored many art themes & ideas. Both for personal art and for clients. Currently I work for Advance Agency and Lego here in Copenhagen.

The idea is that these gadgets are becoming so advanced and cool today that we almost treat them as if they were alive. In a way users become attached to them:) After you have had your Xbox360 or your Iphone for a while you slowly begin to see yourself as connected to these brands or gadgets. They almost become an extension of yourself or your hands. It is the feeling that we connect
and attach to these machines individually.

The metaphor is that a really rather simple and very dead gadget gives people a feeling of being more present, more alive. And they relate in larger degree with these gadgets almost on par with a pet or a friend. You often hear people say that “I cant live without my phone” or “my phone is dead”. And gamers often punish their controller if they fail in a game. Because of these paradoxes it is only natural to paint these personal gadgets as living organisms;) To further play on this concept I wanted the anatomy to match the functions of the technology. So the various buttons would be attached at the end of nervestrings, and moving objects should be connected to muscles and bones. And ofcourse the Canon Camera should be able to see. Basically I want the technological function to match the biological function or idea. This further plays on the feeling that there’s something alive or real going on behind the plastic cover.

All the best from Snowy Denmark,

Mads Peitersen.

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