Wave Hello to 4 Hot Wrist Tattoos

Wave hello! Wrist tattoos are making a decided comeback in recent years, with an increasing number of women choosing beautiful tattoo ideas for their lower arms. These tattoos can be subtle and tasteful or bold and exciting. Further, they can be covered with a watch or bracelet if professional restrictions limit your visible body art. The best part about wrist tattoos: They can include tattoo quotes, butterfly tattoos, cross tattoos and tattoo lettering. The sky is the limit when it comes to tattoo ideas for your wrist body art.

When you are considering getting a wrist tattoo, it is important to remember that this symbol will be very visible most of the time. This type of tattoo calls for a top-notch artist, not budget ink. Further, the skin on the inside of the wrist is thin and sensitive; an inexperienced tattoo artist could easily cause unnecessary scarring in this vulnerable area. After you have selected your tattoo artist, it’s time to come up with a design. Today, we provide you with a number of inspirational tattoos that could spark the perfect tattoo idea.

Wave Hello to 4 Hot Wrist Tattoos

1. UPC barcode tattoo. It’s arguably one of the cleverer iterations of the wrist tattoo in modern times. Whether you want to come up with a value for yourself or you just love a certain product, a UPC tattoo might be for you. Imagine being able to walk up to a self-check stand and purchase your favorite grocery store item without hassle! These are whimsical, fun, and – in some instances – practical.



2. Best friend tattoos. So, you and your BFF have been considering getting matching tattoos. Why not consider having them inked on your wrist? Further, why even get the same tattoo, when you could have different parts of the same piece of art. Consider this lovely design with birds taking flight from one wrist to the other.

best friends

Best Friends Tattoo

3. Star tattoos. Wrists are also a prime spot for a cheerful star tattoo. Whether waving hello or goodbye, people who know you will realize that you are a star! This particular tattoo involves multiple colors of stars, but nautical star tattoos could also be used in this location. These timeless designs allow you to demonstrate your sassy style. This is a particularly appropriate option for tattoos for girls.

stars tattoo

Star Tattoos

4. Jewelry tattoos. Can’t afford that top-notch bracelet you have been lusting after? Stop worrying! You can instead consider an ink version of your favorite jewelry. Not only is it a beautiful option, it won’t tarnish or fade, and you can never lose your jewelry tattoo! This example is so realistic that you might have to do a double-take.

Jewelry tattoo

Jewelry Tattoos

Regardless of your personal taste or preferences, a wrist tattoo could be a beautiful option for your next piece of body art.

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