Top 4 DIY Hair Color Ideas for 2013

If you think you have to go to an expensive salon to get an amazing hairstyle, think again. You can execute your own hair color ideas in the comfort of your own home! Many of these styles are easy to create for a fraction of the cost if you are willing to take the time and effort to learn more about home hair coloring. Did you know that 57 percent of women are more likely to change the color of their hair than their hairstyle?

Before you start your at-home coloring adventure, be sure to take a few precautions to guarantee a good result. First, conduct an allergy test on your skin to make sure that you are not sensitive to the chemicals in your particular dye. Next, read the instructions; the process may have changed since you last attempted to color your own hair. Further, different brands have different requirements and procedures. Be sure to wear old clothes that you can throw away afterward if necessary, and wear gloves to prevent staining your hands. Keep track of the time so that your hair does not over- or under-process, and ensure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after the color has set.

Top 4 DIY Hair Color Ideas for 2013

1. Ombre hair. If you are not familiar with the ombre style, you should know that it involves transitioning from a darker to a lighter color, generally with the darker color near the roots of the hair. This style is different from that achieved by simply allowing your darker roots to grow out, however, as the transition is more carefully planned. With this in mind, hair color companies have created kits specifically for those seeking ombre styles.


Ombre Hair

2. Dip-dye hair. This trend is definitely a carry-over from 2012, but it shows no signs of flagging even as we head into autumn 2013. Dip-dye hair involves applying a wild color to the ends of the hair, while leaving the rest with natural coloring. Multiple colors can be applied. Further, this trend is not just for teens; grown-ups are also getting in on the action. At-home hair color ideas include these vivid colors, which can be found in the beauty section of your local pharmacy.


Dip-dye Hair

3. Bright hair colors. Bright hues for hair can range from subtle strips interspersed throughout the style, or they can be blaring as whole-head color. To achieve the effect in this photo, section off a piece of hair from the under-side of your head and apply the bright color, being sure to keep the dye away from the rest of your hair.

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Bright Hair Colors

4. Platinum blonde. This style never goes out of fashion! Consider going white-blond platinum if your skin has cooler undertones such as blue; for those with warmer tones or darker skin, a very light golden blonde might be more appropriate. Keep in mind that lightening very dark hair to a platinum tone might take multiple applications of at-home hair color.


Platinum Blonde

Whether you are seeking a subtle change or an outrageous modification, save money by choosing the DIY option!

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