Top 10 World Cup Player Hairsytles

Once every four years, the soccer teams from around the world come together to compete. The tournament is known as the World Cup, and there are fans from all over the world that go absolutely crazy for the games. Some fans are so devoted to the games that they do things like get tattoos or paint their nails, but some also get their hair cut in a way that is modeled after their favorite player. Want to see some great World Cup hairstyles? Let’s have a look!

Some of the World Cup players have really crazy hairstyles, and we have gathered the Top 10 World Cup Player Hairstyles. So, let’s scrolls down and let the fun begin!

World Cup Hairstyle 1

How do you feel about spiky hair? Some people really love to have their hair standing straight up on top of their head, like this Italian World Cup soccer player! Do you all see how happy he is with his crazy hairstyle?

World Cup Hairstyle 1World Cup Hairstyle 1

World Cup Hairstyle 2

If people would rather not have spiky hair, this World Cup soccer player has a more sleek hairstyle, and just to make it unique, he has the letter Z shaved into the side of his head.

World Cup Hairstyle 2World Cup Hairstyle 2

World Cup Hairstyle 3

Some people prefer to have a hairstyle that is a little bit on the messy side. This World Cup player has messy bangs, but the sides are shaved, which make the hairstyle pretty cool.

World Cup Hairstyle 3World Cup Hairstyle 3

World Cup Hairstyle 4

Why worry about bangs when you can just shave your head? This World Cup player knows how to keep cool, and also not have to worry about what his hair looks like! He only has a small bit of hair in the front of his head, but the rest of his head is shaved.

World Cup Hairstyle 4World Cup Hairstyle 4

World Cup Hairstyle 5

Not every World Cup soccer player has a great hairstyle. This player decided to shave his head completely except for one strip of hair in the middle that he painted green. Was he trying to make a unique hairstyle or did he really miss the mark with this one?

World Cup Hairstyle 5World Cup Hairstyle 5

World Cup Hairstyle 6

Soccer players usually do everything they can to make their game better, and apparently, having short spiky hairstyles seem to be one way to do it. It makes sense though because short hair means that the hair won’t get in the way, and the players can keep nice and cool.

World Cup Hairstyle 6World Cup Hairstyle 6

World Cup Hairstyle 7

This soccer player from Brazil wants to have a short hairstyle, but also wants it to still be stylish. Instead of spiky hair, this player has his hair combed forward over his forehead.

World Cup Hairstyle 7World Cup Hairstyle 7

World Cup Hairstyle 8

Some people do not worry much about what their hair looks like, and they just let it go. This World Cup player clearly does not think much of his hair because he just let it go and the curls are running wild!

World Cup Hairstyle 8World Cup Hairstyle 8

World Cup Hairstyle 9

There is something to be said about a simple hairstyle. When you don’t have a lot of hair, you don’t have to worry about styling it or anything! This player just shaved off most of his hair, and now just has to worry about a little bit in the front. How simple can you get?

World Cup Hairstyle 9World Cup Hairstyle 9

World Cup Hairstyle 10

When you have dedicated your life to soccer, it’s all you can think about, and who has time to worry about their hair? This player has let his hair just grow out, and clearly, it does not make any difference on how well he plays!

World Cup Hairstyle 10World Cup Hairstyle 10

So, what did you think? Did these World Cup player hairstyles make you want to go to the barber for one of your own? If they you loved what you saw, be sure to leave us a comment below! However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be so now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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