Time Lapse Cover Design For Macworld Magazine

After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine, Peter Belanger decided to show what is involved in making a cover, focusing on the three main areas: photography, photoshop and design.

Photographer Peter Belanger captured his work for a Macworld cover design by using time lapse and the finished video is remarkable. The amount of camera equipment used to get what appears to be a fairly simply shot is surprising. Photography is not an area I work with very often so maybe this is normal but it makes me want to explore it some more.

Along with Peter is Rob Schultz who does all of the Photoshop work in the video and I believe does the layout design as well. He uses a favorite software of mine Indesign but I would have guessed Quark for the layout of an Apple related product. Anyway, check out the video below.

Make sure to stop by Peters portfolio site and check out his amazing photography.

Tech Specs: Time lapse video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24mm-70mm zoom. The actual Macworld cover was taken with a Phase One P65+ digital back attached to a 4×5 Sinar X camera with a 65mm lens.

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  • johnsonkoh

    Totally impressed!

    • Jai

      No. It’s simply wonderful. ^^

  • naeemnur


  • Wes

    Great video! It's revealing to see just how much work goes into a simple cover shot. It looks like a ton of fun, thanks for sharing!!!

    Wes Mitchell

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  • rainy1

    Klasse- gefällt mir !
    Grüsse vom DJ aus Bayern

  • Thanks for your replies. We are glad you like it.

  • aneesuddin

    I like the fact that they went to the effort of bringing out the decal on the iPhone. This is one to share with the bosses who say “it should take that long”.

  • Beautiful case study

  • Brilliant, really interesting to find out how this is all done.

  • I only wish the video could have included the printing process. It just goes to show you how vast the field of graphic design and production is, and how many subspecialties are involved.

  • Truly fascinating! I do a lot of food photography for my blog, so it was great to see how professionals put together their images.

  • Ardin

    Very impressive. So much work goes into creation/production that most people take for granted.

  • michael_the_assistant

    Thanks for posting the video and all the comments everyone! I am Peter's assistant and we are glad you enjoyed the video. FYI, in the video, Peter did the Photoshop and Rob Schultz of Macworld designed the layout.

  • Rob Whelan

    I found most interesting how much trial & error is involved, in all of these different processes.
    A lot of the work is just fiddling around with things until they “look right”… and obviously expertise comes through in the ability to know what to try next (and know how to execute it!) but I guess I wasn't expecting the large portion of “just mess with it until the best idea shines through.”

    Then again, I'm a developer (not a designer), so my approach to elegant solutions is necessarily different….

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    We very much had fun reading the current comments. I beg you to continue this awesome work. Bye!!!

  • At some point before watching this video, one can think the iPhones on the cover are just mock up designs but after watching this video you just realizes these are works of a creative and professional photographer. So cool

  • Even though the video is fast, the content is so obvious.

  • Bev

    Bravo!!! Hey there’s a lot of work involved in making ‘pretty pictures’. And yet clients want to pay less and less for the work involved in presenting their product to the consumer. Sending this link to my husband who is a commercial photographer as a suggestion to make a video like this to put on his website. Thanks for the idea Peter!

  • Jai

    The video was very inspiring. ^^

  • Great video, intresting to see this development process.

  • Kamal

    Wow its wonderful,nice collection,great work by great slodive team,All the very best for your future success.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Its really an impressive cover design for macworld magazine.