10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are such a cool style statement that you can have fun with them and amuse others too. Funny and creative images designed as tattoos not only make the wearers happy but also entertain others. Now, what can be more pleasing than this? Making others happy is the best thing one can do. It makes you happy in return too. So, what about doing it in a stylish and creative way? Sounds great, isn’t it? Yes it is. You can do so by getting a target tattoo carved on your body. This tattoo design is interesting and arouses curiosity in others when they look at it.

A target tattoo is designed in amusing ways. The popular motifs and designs include the dart board, animals’ eyes or simple geometric shapes shaped up as targets. People wear them on strategic body parts that are visible to the eyes of the others. After all, that is where all the purpose and fun lies. Placed as targets, they attract the people and on seeing them, they can’t avoid that humorous grin from coming to their faces. Here are 10 target tattoos that will tell you what a delightful experience it could be if you get them carved on your body.

Lips Target

The sky blue dart board with red lips as the center present a seductive target point.

my target 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

My Target

Distractive Target

The colorful horizontal stripes with the blank skin space as target does not allow one to concentrate.

colorful target 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Colorful Target

Go Get It

Simple target tattoo with red center that is easy to see and point out.

target tattoo on arm 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Target Tattoo On Arm

Target Shot

The broken orange dice represents the target that has been successfully shot.

dice target tatttoo 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Dice Target Tatttoo

Eying The Target

A white dog’s face with one of his eyes shaped up as target, carved on head, looks cute.

head tattoo 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Head Tattoo

Seductive Tattoo

This tattoo carved on the lower back of the woman arouses fantasy.

lower back tattoo 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoo

Dog Target

Check out another target with dog’s eye as the goal spot, in a larger version.

i love target 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

I Love Target

Point Blank

A tiny point target inside a circle carved on the back of a man challenges you to figure it out.

target tattoo on back 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Target Tattoo On Back

Bald’s Eye

Strike the bull’s-eye on this bald man’s head bearing a colorful target.

head target tattoo 10 Stylish Target Tattoo Designs

Head Target Tattoo

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