6 Reasons to Consider Short Hair

Is your identity totally tied up in your long hair? If you are looking to change your image and your beauty routine, you might consider seeking out shorter hairstyles. Not only is shorter hair increasingly popular among the high-fashion set, but it also provides a large number of advantages over luscious, long tresses. Would you believe that a large population of men even prefers their mates to have shorter hair? If you have been considering taking the plunge into a life with short hair and sassy locks, our list of 10 reasons to chop your hair might just be the motivation you need.

Top 6 reasons to consider short hair


Short Hair

1. Short hairstyles are cheaper to maintain. Sure, you might have to visit the stylist relatively more often – every six instead of every eight weeks – but the savings in hair product and styling tools will more than make up for that cost. Imagine using only a fraction of the high-quality styling products you currently consume.

rihanna short hair

Short Hair

2. More time for yourself. Have you been that woman who took an hour to blow dry, straighten, style and set her hair? Were you late to a social event because of your hair needs? If so, consider the fact that short hair requires only a few minutes to completely style. From shower to socialization, your short hair might require as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Instead of toiling in front of the mirror, kick back with a martini!

3. Cute, short haircuts are more flattering. This is especially true if your wardrobe includes blouses with open backs. Sure, your short hair may not seem as versatile, but it can be sculpted in a way that accentuates your best features! Your short hairstyle can bring out the beauty in your eyes, lips or strong jawline.


Short Hair

4. Ladies with shorter hairstyles are cooler. We do not mean “cool” in the colloquial sense of the word – your physical temperature will actually change. In the heat of the summer, you will not find yourself sweltering through yet another walk home because your hair is like a helmet of heat. Your short hair will make you forget that you ever had sticky, sweaty tresses.

5. Get more attention. Short hair styles are unexpected. You probably remember when your favorite celebrities chose to chop off their long hair. Were you impressed with their new, modern style? Emerge from your fashion shell and choose a more aggressive approach by seeking out sleek new hairstyle options.

6. Look smarter. Did you know that scientific studies show that women with short hair styles are thought to be smarter? You are more likely to get respect at work and in the general population if you are sporting short, sexy hair. Forget about the perception that men only like women with long hair; you rock that bob!

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