• I’ve always thought that the firefox logo was great.

  • Prabha

    Wow, These logos are just awesome.

  • Good article. It is even more better if you can point out the motive or the concept on each popular logos

  • Jai

    These logos are the latest. Looking at the core i5 of Intel inside, it really looks stunning. These logos are indeed very popular.

  • Kamal

    Good collection of logos. These logos are very famous not just because of their design and look but of their value and popularity. Simple logos like facebook and microsoft are the best examples for this.

  • Marie

    Wow. These are logos are updated ones. I can say that these are familiar to me. No just to me but they’re familiar to all the people. They have marked in every person’s mind and eyes. ^^

  • Wonderful compilation of logos all of us love.
    One thing all of them have in common is the simplicity of design. Ones does not have to go out of the way to do something weird to create a unique logo. Simplicity and clarity of the images used is most important.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Pizza Hut Logo is very beautiful i like the logo aswell as the pizza also…. Ha haa ha.

  • Just awesome collection of popular logos,
    personally i should say this is the best post to see all of the popular and creative logos at one place.
    excellent Job.

  • After seeing logos of all these popular brands, I must say that simplicity and eye soothing colors are must for a good logo.

  • Great Logo Design make great impact on consumers’ mind and physiology. Even the least educated person, can recognize the brand he wants to buy with the logo.

  • Prabha

    Ubuntu Logo Remake is an awesome logo design which wins my heart.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Dell Logo is identified by seeing the tilted E only because dell have is identity by that style of writing .