30 University Website Designs

Universities, from being temples of education, have now transformed into brand names. A university, now, is not merely responsible for imparting learning facilities to the students but it has to make a conscious effort to build a reputation in the education market. Yes, education is a big market and students go for only the best as they are making a future investment when they choose a particular university for completing their higher education. Therefore, universities are trying their best to attract the best of minds to their portals and this is where the online portals i.e. the university websites play a decisive role.

Now a days students resort to the internet for any kind of information that they want. Hence, the online presence matters a lot and it must be presented in such a way that the institution shines at its best. The content and the images available on the website must be up to date and authentic. Secondly, it must be easy to navigate and accessible. Last but not the least; it must be adequately attractive i.e. look presentable with a tint of sincerity and discipline. Here we have compiled a list of 30 university websites based on these very parameters.

Voila! So Nice

Colorful and Vibrant, the Biola Undergrad University’s site has less of typography and well-routed touring display that takes you in its thrall in an instant.

biola 30 University Website Designs



The light shaded colors and the neatly arranged information on the Nerbaska Wesleyan University have a sober appearance.

nerbaska wesleyan 30 University Website Designs

Nerbaska Wesleyan University

You Are Welcome

A unique style where the Office of communications greets the viewers and invites them into the details leading them to explore more of the UTHealth University.

uthealth 30 University Website Designs


Chaste And Clear

Nice use of photography with an easy and clear navigation structure looks simple and effective.

university of chester 30 University Website Designs

University of Chester

Looking Into The Future

A futuristic approach used to convey the brand along with social networking sites’ plugins makes the site youth friendly.

elon university 30 University Website Designs

Elon University

Minimalistic Is In

The John Hopkins University has used the flash element along with limited typography to give a clean and classy look to the site.

johns hopkins 30 University Website Designs

Johns Hopkins

Easy On Eyes

Richness of content and light color usage make the site elegant and is a delight for the students who come to explore it.

grand valley 30 University Website Designs

Grand Valley

Neat And Ordered

Employing red color on the top which has the categories and images and news side by side gives this site an uncluttered look.

university of chicago 30 University Website Designs

University of Chicago

Crunchy And Cool

Using right images and categorising them with clear-cut information enhances the usability and clarity of the site.

mississippi state university 30 University Website Designs

Mississippi State University


A classic design with an attractive images’ gallery and proper attention to details presented as captions in a horizontal bar on top.

university of miami 30 University Website Designs

University of Miami

User Friendly

The photo gallery on top and the divided blocks give the site a well-structured anatomy.

bucks 30 University Website Designs

Bucks New University


A single image of the students on top and details spread below along with cool color choice makes the 100-year-old institution look distinct.

rice university 30 University Website Designs

Rice University

Green Sheen

The university uses the green theme to prove itself among the viewers which shows it in good light.

umass 30 University Website Designs

University of Massachusetts Amherst


The Duke University has a glossy presence courtesy the use of right mix of colors and crisp typography.

duke university 30 University Website Designs

Duke University


Students being sports friendly, the use of a player’s image and essential typography imparts a no-nonsensical, plain and effective look to the site.

rochester 30 University Website Designs

University of Rochester

Simply Attractive

A bright image on top blended with smooth navigability makes the site spic and span.

stanford 30 University Website Designs


Sober Look

The site has a cool color background with information spread under proper heads and bullets.

south nazarene 30 University Website Designs

South Nazarene University

Seattle University

Excellent combination of black and white with red shades results in a special display.

seattle university 30 University Website Designs

Seattle University

Photos Speak

Superb photographs can alone make the site communicate if used brilliantly as has been done here.

dakota 30 University Website Designs

University Of North Dakota

Presented Well

Well done typography and a scholarly image on a sober background confirm to the educational look.

kentucky 30 University Website Designs

University Of Kentucky

Designed To Catch Eyes

News highlights at top and aptly bracketed details give the site a favorable hierarchy and look.

oregon state university 30 University Website Designs

Oregon State University


Great use of photography and a neat structure seem well with the viewers’ mind.

washington state university 30 University Website Designs

Washington State University

Come And Explore

Well aligned captions below and the header taking to details mixed with a good contrast color use looks fresh.

new york university 30 University Website Designs

New York University

All Clear

Simple and uncluttered, the site does not tire your eye muscles and you are easily drawn to it.

university of alabama 30 University Website Designs

The University of Alabama


This site has separately placed captions, image and information giving it a flawless look.

arkansas 30 University Website Designs

University Of Arkansas


A confident and impressive motto with an right image works best and it is clear in this site.

ucla 30 University Website Designs


Fast Forward

This university focuses on the power of social networking sites and gets its youthful message across to the viewers.

university of colorado 30 University Website Designs

University Of Colorado

Get Noticed

White and red make for an exciting, catchy look and the website gets noticed with ease.

university of maryland 30 University Website Designs

University Of Maryland

Even And Smooth

The site has a feather light soft presence and appearance which is inviting.

oklahoma state university 30 University Website Designs

Oklahoma State University


The site has a strong and compact look that is neither flashy nor plain.

university of wyoming 30 University Website Designs

University Of Wyoming


A picturesque and unusual look with an old world charm is what makes the Kutztown University’s site score points over others.

kutztown 30 University Website Designs

Kutztown University

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