20 Splendid Minimal Web Design Portfolio Examples

One segment of netizens prefers websites with Minimal design mainly because it let the focus to be on main content rather than on useless information. Minimal sites are elegant and beautiful and showcase only the necessary & selective information. Today we are presenting 20 such Elegant Websites for inspiration.


minimal web design portfolio Jeroenhoman


minimal web design portfolio Nordkapp

Michael Nobblett

minimal web design portfolio Michael Nobblett


minimal web design portfolio Kyee

Oliver James Gosling

minimal web design portfolio Oliver James Gosling

Clean, Simple, Clear

minimal web design portfolio Clean, Simple, Clear

I Am Docto

minimal web design portfolio I Am Docto

Hannah Dollery

minimal web design portfolio Hannah Dollery

Jon Leverrier

minimal web design portfolio Jon Leverrier

Mina Markham

minimal web design portfolio Mina Markham


minimal web design portfolio Ogvidius

Shiri Design Studios

minimal web design portfolio Shiri Design Studios

Skylar Anderson

minimal web design portfolio Skylar Anderson

Taylor and Ives

minimal web design portfolio Taylor and Ives

Tom Wahlin

minimal web design portfolio Tom Wahlin

Casey Britt

minimal web design portfolio Casey Britt

Claudiu Cioba

minimal web design portfolio Claudiu Cioba


minimal web design portfolio Danscotton

Goksel Eryigit

minimal web design portfolio Goksel Eryigit

Gene Ronquillo

minimal web design portfolio Gene Ronquillo

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  • ly

    Wow, I’ve never seen a minimalist web design gallery!

  • MFC Designs

    Nice post! I’ve tried to keep my portfolio plain and simple too.. let me know what you think: mfcdesigns.com


    • SloDive Admin

      Thanks! Your portfolio also looks good.

  • Mihai

    I would humbly suggest to add http://www.wearepropeople.com to this awesome collection. Thank you.

    • That’s a really nice one too.
      I love black and white websites!

  • James

    Some lovely portfolio’s many i have seen before but some new ones as well which are great. I love the strong typography in clean simple clear.

    My portfolio has to be the most minimalistic going (mainly due to it not being finished) http://www.digitalbeautydesigns.co.uk

    Great article!

  • Jackson

    Thanks for the examples…

  • Adam

    I’ve also gone with a minimalist look on http://www.reversedout.com. I limited my use of graphics and attempted to keep it about the information by using primarily text. I thought designers would appreciate this approach. Great gallery by the way.

    • SloDive Admin

      Your portfolio looks really promising so far. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

      • Adam

        Thank you. I love minimalism and want to incorporate it into more of my work. It’s just convincing the client that they don’t need all the flash and clutter that they seem to love for some reason.

  • sawgrassshack10

    The Web Design Ledger is a publication written by web designers for web designers. The primary purpose of this site is to act as a platform for sharing web design related knowledge and resources. Topics range from design inspiration to tips and tutorials and everything in between.

  • en3sis

    another example is daarken website.


  • Marc

    Some great inspiration there, and great idea for a post!
    While I don’t have the skills anywhere near these guys, i’d love to hear your opinion of my design, I also tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible. Thanks again!


  • Paulos Jonas

    Here is another great example…


    • SloDive Admin

      Very Nice. I like it buddy. Thanks for suggestion.

  • Tailgrab

    Here another example…


    • Adam

      Very nice.

  • Ogvidius

    Thanks for featuring my site! This is a great list, it’s an honour to be listed alongside all these great designs. Great inspiration for anyone wanting to do a minimal website.

    • SloDive Admin

      You deserve it buddy.

  • AssuranceWeb

    This helps in speedy implementation of the code and minimizes any programming glitches and Website designing at StudioWebMarketing involves thinking beyond the traditional HTML and css codes and now is aimed at reaching global attention by imbibing php, MySQl and multimedia applications like flash.

  • Jim

    I think this website is pretty cool too: http://www.robertomarzola.it
    I hope you like it.

  • Singapore WebDesign

    I like add my bookmark and subscribe it so give more details about. Best of luck for future.

  • Sebastian

    Amazing site..Thanks buddy

  • Nice collection of minimal portfolio’s!
    Just updated: http://www.jonghdesign.nl/. One to add?

    • Jam

      Nice site :) I like the choice of background images that you’ve used.

  • Great showcase, I think people are going a bit overboard with the big typography these days though.

  • Jesse

    What do you think about http://www.zebraa.nl?

    • It looks pretty good to me.

      • Jesse

        You should feature it. ;)

  • joe

    I just designed my first portfolio site…check it out at: http://www.jddesigner.ie/ It is still in development.

  • How about mine http://behzad.me ;)

  • lawrenced

    some nice examples, clean fonts and sharp background contrasts.

  • Sheldon

    Do you like this: http://www.carlos-polo.com

  • clean and simple,,, awsme

  • Clean, simple, awesome designs.

  • Minimal sites are elegant and beautiful and showcase only the necessary & selective information.

  • Jai

    These are very nice portfolio designs. What I like about this collection is the cleanliness look of the designs.

  • Prabha

    Skylar Anderson’s website has a very cute and minimal web deign which makes it look more attractive than other sites.

  • Kamal

    Simple and neat portfolio designs. I like some of the portfolio designs and ideas. I will try to implement the same in my blog as well.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    I like the Nordkapp web design good looking because of it light color used in it give cool effect to my eyes.

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