• Thank you for this great collection.
    A real demonstration how joyful and useful altruism can be.

  • i do like logo design most, it is my inspiration, I always enjoy the collection of logo design, n these are very attractive n very eye-touching colorful logo design collection :) thanks for sharing this Beauty of logos!

  • This is a great collection. I love Illuminarity Creatives logo, it’s looks nice.

  • All logos here are unique and legible for honor. nice…

  • Manuel Garcia

    This is just a proof that minimal design is not always a winner. It’s just depends in the eyes of critiques. Looking at this collections is somewhat pretty cool.

  • Every logo has its unique identity. So colorful logos that multiples our creativity.

  • Jai

    Wow. These are superb logos. i agree with Pavan, they are all unique to each other.

  • Thanks for the collections of logos These colourful ones will sure stand ot on a page. I think the Vivo one, has a brilliant understated style.

  • Salaxzar

    Like them all, especially the Cresento one, love its colors and texture style.

  • These logos are simply superb. Very creatively designed. Most of them are also very inspirational.

  • Logos are undoubtedly highly significant to a fashion label, one look at a logo and all of the brand ideals should rush to mind.

  • Inspiring designs for cool designers! Thank you for compiling such wonderful logos.

  • Prabha

    Multi colored logo always looks very cute and they fill you with colors.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    The Camara De Comercio de Bogota colored logo i like the most as it look attractive and really multi colored among all.

  • Tarun Jaitely

    Wow inspirational collection. These logo designs are amazing.