20 Examples Of Creative Typography In Web Design

Typography is one of the most important aspects of web design. The typography, or style of lettering or numbering used creates a hugely important part of the feel of a webpage.

Large typography is currently a very important aspect. This typography takes up much of the area of a page and adheres to communicating what the site is about in a few seconds if done properly – after all typography is about communication.

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This typography is large and also has a nostalgic feel about it, which is in context when considering the name and style of the page. http://forefathersgroup.com/

fore fathers

As this sites name suggests, it sells and designs fonts. Look at the variation on the page – an advertisement http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/


This large typeface once again gets the information across http://www.gerrenlamson.com/


And here http://thepeachdesign.com/


What’s the name of the company? http://www.git-tower.com/ exactly!


The simplicity and design of this site showcases clarity http://www.awpexpress.com/


The typeface here works well with minimalist themes http://www.matthamm.com/


This typography plays up on the super hero trend to great effect http://www.w3.org/html/logo/


This site works on a similar and also a very unique and eye catching trend that showcases the designer brilliantly http://www.denisechandler.com/


This site is a perfectly minimalist design that uses intermittent typography to keep attention and simple and excellent typography that offers a clear message. http://www.designcanchange.org/


This sites custom designed typography is instantly recognizable http://www.getfinch.com/


This site portrays what the artist is about brilliantly through typography http://kylesteed.com/


This large typography is instantly see and creates an indie website impression http://www.ipolecat.com/


The use of colours with typography can create excellent effects and get a point across on the double http://pokenewyork.com/


As do bold or italic effects http://www.rothco.ie/


Simple and very effective and just a little bit quirky http://benlind.com/


This one is a little quirky but gets the company’s main aim across in one word http://www.indubitablee.com/


As does this one; all thanks to big, simple typeface http://bellstrike.com/


See it’s not so hard http://www.mcfarlanechangemanagement.com.au/home.php


This quirky, bubble design is nearly associated with the positive http://ricebowls.org/


Clear and works very well with the colours and cardboard like texture http://www.oliverkavanagh.com/


Fun typeface, which is ideal for its market and creates a fun image that is attractive to those targeted. Take not of the colors and wiry lettering http://www.kidd81.com/


As you can now see typeface is hugely important and is central to web design.

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