20 Awesome Examples Of Single Page Web Design

Sometimes all it takes is one page to tell the whole story and in doing so can keep a site clutter free and easy to navigate. If you don’t have a lot of content for your site then these examples should be helpful for aiding in the decision if a single page design is right for you.















Font Face





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  • Great examples and thanks for the include.

  • Very nice! I'm about to start a one-page design project and am looking for designers that can do Comicbook style art very well. Please email me at alex.drez@edigitalstudios.com if you are interested =)

  • Love the single page websites. They're always very creative.

  • You deserved it buddy.

  • Thanks for your comment bud.

  • Thanks for your comment bud.

  • lokendra

    An ultimate collection thanks for sharing :)

    • Kamal

      Ya,its really ultimate collection,its great work,all this single pages are awesome.

  • Thanks for your appreciation. Glad you like it.

  • Dzinepress

    so much beautiful and professional single page websites.

  • Thanks for your appreciation.

  • cannongoodman

    I m a new member to your site and this is First visit to your site So I have see all the 20 Nice And Amazing Examples of Single page Design. i like all the

    Examples All are Looking Amazing and wonderful Nice Collection
    Thanks For Including this great Post.

  • rob James

    Wow excellent! Thanks for including font-face.com – we are honoured to be included among these other great designs.

    Thanks again from the font-face.com team

    • Teiya

      Wow, thatÂ’s a rlelay clever way of thinking about it!

  • Very nice round up! Take a look at our jQuery experiment http://centratissimo.musings.it if you like this kind of design!

  • You deserve it buddy.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, it looks sweet. Good day.

  • Great round-up of one page designs. If the group can fit everything on one page, why tack on superfluous content. Thanks for the post.

  • You are welcome buddy.

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    I found this post while looking for downloads. Thanks for sharing will come back regularly and will email this article to my buddies.

  • Kenny

    wow! those are some inspirational designs! You can find mu single page design on http://iwantonemilliondollar.com

    • SloDive

      Nice site you got in there. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Yuriy

    I feel 1 page design is gonna become more and more common going into 2011! Check out my one page design @ http://yuriyz.com. If not featured I appreciate critique too :-)

  • Joe

    These sites are awesome!

  • Dzinepress

    i always appreciate great work as you doing as well, thanks for sharing beautiful inspiration of single page website designs.

  • Jennifer

    One page CAN say it all! I was impressed by this one: http://www.ironcreative.com
    Super slick transitions.

  • wow, really like your suggestion! They’re inspiring. If you don’t mind, please kindly visit our single page website and tell us your thoughts.


    thank you very much :)

  • Manuel Garcia

    This is one really great round-up of single page designs. If the group can fit everything on one page, why tack on superfluous content. Thanks for the post.

  • Wow great list! I am pretty impressed with ZulsDesign single page design.

  • JIll

    I love the idea of one page that does everything, but does anyone know if it negatively affects SEO? All I’ve ever heard is “content is king” and the more the merrier.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Jai

    Most are very nice design but I like IamJamie more. It’s just that the color is too light but still nice anyways. Nice share!

  • Prabha

    Wow these single page web design are awesome i liked the spiral website it web design is very much cooler than others.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Ver niucecollection of single page websites design are shared her i will surely try one of it.thanks for sharing.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Very nice collection of single page websites design are shared her i will surely try one of it.thanks for sharing.

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