20 Creative Origami Designs

If you are looking for a creative hobby or a productive way to pass the time, origami designs may be of interest. Origami designs are very neat and fun to make, also, there are a lot of different designs you can learn, and a lot of different sites to walk you through the steps. The list below was made to give veterans some new ideas, and to show novices how cool origami designs can be. Therefore, whether you are experienced in the field of origami design, or a beginner looking to get your feet wet, this list should certainly be of help.

1. Some Nice Modern Origami

Not very complex, however, it is great for those just getting started with origami designs.


Some Nice Modern Origami

2. A Cool Origami Dragon

Though origami dragons tend to be a little more difficult, there are a lot of tutorial sites that make things easier for you.


A Cool Origami Dragon

3. A Few Origami Stars

A very common origami design, that looks nice and is easy to make.


A Few Origami Stars

4. These Neat Origami Flowers

A great DIY gift for your significant other. Instead of buying her flowers at the store, just make her some with origami!


These Neat Origami Flowers

5. A Neat Origami Camera

For those interested in photography, origami cameras are a great choice. This specific design is rather complex and should only be tried by veterans, however, there are much simpler origami camera designs that can easily be found online.


A Neat Origami Camera

6. These Origami Finger Puppets

Fun to make, and also fun to use with your friends.


These Origami Finger Puppets

7. An Origami Bull

Another neat origami animal that you can make, the bull. Once you get good at this specific bull design, there are many other variations you can learn.


An Origami Bull

8. An Origami Star Wars Design

Great for star wars fans! In addition to the design below, there are many other star wars related designs and characters that can be made with origami. Before you know it, you will have the entire cast in origami form.


An Origami Star Wars Design

9. Geometric Origami Birds

As seen below, if you are ok with making the same old bird many times over, you will soon end up with an entire flock of them.


Geometric Origami Birds

10. This Origami Money Frog

Very creative, and made with a dollar bill!


This Origami Money Frog

11. An Origami Unicorn

Very neat, and creative. Origami unicorns are actually not too common, however, they do look great once they are finished.


An Origami Unicorn

12. These Awesome Origami Dinosaurs

Much like with star wars characters, many different origami dinosaurs can be found online, and easily learned.


These Awesome Origami Dinosaurs

13. Beautiful Origami Hearts

Proven by these beautifully crafted hearts, origami is not only a fun hobby, but also a great way to show your loved ones that you care.


Beautiful Origami Hearts

14. A Green Origami Snail

A nice green origami snail.


A Green Origami Snail

15. A Neat Origami Shell

You can put this one on your origami snail!


A Neat Origami Shell

16. Some Creative Origami Fruits

Simple to make (even for beginners), and great to decorate your kitchen with.


Some Creative Origami Fruits

17. This Little Origami Pig

Another great origami animal to start out with, the origami pig!


This Little Origami Pig

18. A Very Nice Origami Envelope

A very nice, original envelope. This one is sealed with a kiss, and especially great to make on Valentine’s Day!


A Very Nice Origami Envelope

19. An Origami Mouth

For those who get sick of making routine shapes, animals, and birds, you can learn how to make origami mouths.


An Origami Mouth

20. This Cool Origami Cow

Similar to the bull in many ways, and also very fun to make.


This Cool Origami Cow


Well, there you have it, a list of 20 creative origami designs, aimed at giving all of you viewers some new ideas to work with. Now you can try to implement some of them yourself, while also thinking up some new and creative ideas of your own!

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