17 Extremely Sad Art Pieces

Sad art pieces are favored and beloved by many people due to the high amount of emotion they bring about. They have a way of metaphorically telling us what is wrong with the world, and what needs to change. These reasons, more than any others, have enabled sad paintings and art pieces to be sold at high class museums all over the world, as well as online.

Though there are millions of sad art pieces to choose from, we put together a list of just 17 that are bound to resonate with you in a sad, yet meaningful way. Whether you are looking to hold back tears, become inspired, or come across some new artistic ideas, the list below should certainly be of help.

1. A Crying Boy

Extremely realistic, and also extremely sad.


A Crying Boy

2. Abused Kid Art Piece

A very metaphoric way of expressing the sadness of child abuse.


Abused Kid Art Piece

3. Sad, Metaphoric, and Meaningful

A robotic type painting by famous artist Tetsuya Ishida.


Sad, Metaphoric, and Meaningful

4. Guernica

This very popular and very sad painting known as Guernica, is oil based and was created by Pablo Picasso in 1937.



5. A Woman Hanging Clothes, While Her Child Is Playing Video Games

Helping to describe everything wrong with the world today..


A Woman Hanging Clothes, While Her Child Is Playing Video Games

6. Painting Of A Sad Young Girl

This one is rather straightforward..


Painting Of A Sad Young Girl

7. Another Very Thought Provoking Art Piece

Helping to express the horrible effect that drugs have on children..


Another Very Thought Provoking Art Piece

8. At First, It Looks Like A Normal Art Piece..

Created by Poland artist Pawel Kuczynski, aimed at giving you a new view of the world’s troubles.


At First, It Looks Like A Normal Art Pieces

9. His Head Is Programmed In Reverse

Another very creative and metaphoric way of expressing everyday human issues.


His Head Is Programmed In Reverse

10. A Very Confusing, Emotional Art Piece

This one may take a while to figure out, but it is well worth it!


A Very Confusing, Emotional Art Piece

11. A Sad, Thinking Man

He appears to be rather upset, maybe he has lost someone close to him?


A Sad, Thinking Man

12. Life and Death

Two different shades and sides of a tree, used to express both life and death. One side is very lively, while the one other is rather sad.


Life and Death

13. Back Pins and Dripping Blood

Barely held together..


Back Pins and Dripping Blood

14. A Broken Heart, Due To A Broken Relationship

A very powerful way of showing the heartache behind failed relationships..


A Broken Heart, Due To A Broken Relationship

15. The Pain Inside, Causing Her To Scream

We’ve all been there, sometimes you just have to let it out!


The Pain Inside, Causing Her To Scream

16. A Timid, Two Faced Woman

Like many people do, she is hiding her fear behind a happy face.


A Timid, Two Faced Woman

17. A Holocaust Art Exhibit

An exhibit art piece, based on one of the saddest times in history, the holocaust.

Hommage à Josef Elgurt

A Holocaust Art Exhibit


While positive, uplifting art pieces are indeed great, the ones with sad, meaningful symbolism behind them are often preferred, and after looking through the list above, you probably know why. Not only do they stir up a lot of emotion, but they let us see what needs to change and what is really important in life.

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