15 Neat Face Piercing Ideas

Though your parents may not approve of them, face piercings are very unique and a great way to show off your creativity. In addition to routine lip, nose, and eyebrow piercings, many people also have face dermals, which are often found just below the eye or somewhere on the cheek.

Whether you are looking for some new face piercing ideas yourself, or just interested in the abundance of them that exist today, we are sure you will like the list below. It is comprised of creative face piercing ideas that are worthy of being showcased, and great for proving how creative piercing artists can truly be. So, without further ado, here is 20 neat face piercing ideas.

1. The Nostril Nose Piercing

Very common, rather subtle, and often found on female celebrities, the nostril nose piercing looks nice and is a great choice for those new to the piercing world.


The Nostril Nose Piercing

2. The Jestrum Lip Piercing

Also referred to as the upper middle lip piercing, jestrums are a nice lip piercing variation, and can easily be taken care of. In fact, by just gargling the right mouth wash, your jestrum will be healed in no time!


The Jestrum Lip Piercing

3. This Dermal Cheek Bone Piercing

It may appear to be two separate piercings, however, this is one bar that goes through the skin and pokes out on either side. A great choice that fits best on the cheek bone or dimple area.


This Dermal Cheek Bone Piercing

4. A Nice Twirly Eyebrow Piercing

Very unique, and also very noticeable. Great for those really wanting to show off their piercings!


A Nice Twirly Eyebrow Piercing

5. Snake Bites

For obvious reasons, these piercings are referred to as “snake bites”, and are worn by both males and females. Some people also sport double snake bites, which also look great, and consist of two piercings on either side.


Snake Bites

6. Nostril Gauges

These face piercing gauges are extremely intense, and since they will permanently expand your nostrils, they are only recommended to those, certain on what they want.


Nostril Gauges

7. Matching Piercings On Both Cheeks

If you get a cheek piercing you happen to like, why not get another one just like it on the other cheek!


Matching Piercings On Both Cheeks

8. From Ear To Nose

Another great idea for those interested in face piercings, just make sure not to let your friends pull on it!


From Ear To Nose

9. The Single Lower Lip Piercing

Often worn by men, the single lower lip piercing is very simple and extremely easy to take care of.  Since it is not too elaborate and easily removable, it is a great choice for those looking to get their first piercing.


The Single Lower Lip Piercing

10. Colorful Face Piercings

Very noticeable, and great for those who get bored of normal silver and black piercings.


Colorful Face Piercings

11. A Nice Triple Lip Piercing

Triple lip piercings are actually very common, and be done with either single rings or bars.


A Nice Triple Lip Piercing

12. A Double Diagonal Black Lip Piercing

Most people prefer their lip piercings together or directly across from each other, however, (as seen below) they look great diagonally too.


A Double Diagonal Black Lip Piercing

13. This Neat Septum Nose Piercing

The great thing about septum piercings, is that they can easily be flipped upside down and hidden inside your nose. Making them a great choice for those with serious jobs or protective parents.


This Neat Septum Nose Piercing

14. A Very Shiny Triple Nose Piercing

This one might be a little more difficult to hide, however, it does stick out well and is extremely unique.


A Very Shiny Triple Nose Piercing

15. Right Below The Eye

Another creative choice, and slightly above where most people get their dermal piercings.


Right Below The Eye



Well there you have it, 20 very neat and highly unique face piercing ideas, great for those in need of some creative motivation. In addition to the ideas we have listed above, there are many more to be seen online and through other piercing websites. Therefore, before making any piercing decisions of your own, it is recommended that you check them out as well. And while you’re at it, be sure to research the proper treatment, since face piercings need to be well taken care of.

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